Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Patsy Thompson on YouTube

Hi I noticed on YouTube yesterday Patsy Thompson has added heaps of video's. There's a Beginner Machine Quilting series and an Intermediate one too. Here's one of the Intermediate ones if you want to have a nosy. They are all really good and she shares a lot of information on needles, thread etc too.

In the beginner series there's a very interesting 'Spray Basting' lesson. Pasty spray bastes on her wall! To watch her other lessons, search YouTube using Pasty Thompson quilter, as there's a singer too!


  1. Patsy has such a free spirit about her and I like her sense of humor!
    Beautiful feathers. Her website is very informative.

  2. Love your blog, Leeann - fantastic photos! I was browsing your August quilt show pics and really liked Robin's Christmas Star ornament - do you know if this is available a s a pattern? Sorry to ask you via your comments box, but the email won't work for me!

  3. Fifiquilter your profile has no email so I can't email you back. I hope you come and check out these comments again. My email is leeannq(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)nz
    I don't know why it didn't work for you hopefully you can tell me when you email me. I'll have a talk to Robin and see if there's a pattern.

  4. Thanks for sharing the links Leeann - with all the help out there, I'll be a fab quilter in no time!!


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