Thursday, July 29, 2010

Northland Society of Arts, Reyburn House Art Gallery

Reyburn House Art Gallery, at the Town Basin, in Whangarei is displaying the winning quilts from the Quilt Show, and the Challenge Quilts.

The display is from the 29th July to the 13th of August
Opening hours, Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm, Saturday - Sunday 1pm - 4pm, NB they are closed on Mondays.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Children's Section - Quilt Show 2010

We had a Children's Section in the Quilt Show, to encourage the next generation of quilters. Any child that was related to a club member could enter. All the entries went into a lucky draw to win a sewing machine, and every child that entered received a gift of sewing supplies. 

 The lucky winner of the sewing machine was Kaitlyn. Nana, I think you can look forward to lots of sewing days with Kaitlyn! 

Here's all the entries, 


'Cat and the Flower' made by Kaitlyn 7 yrs. I am seven & did this stitchery. Nana sewed the binding for me. I had fun.

'B's' made by Emma 12 yrs, I love using sewing machines. Grandma helped with the hand sewing. Machine quilted by myself

'Maia's Quilt' made by Amie 14 yrs. Block of the month from Susan Claire. Made for my sister. Machine quilted by myself

'Jandels' made by Emma 12 yrs & Sarah 10 yrs. We made this based on a pattern but added some extras. Machine quilted

'Jessica's Quilt' made by Jess 10 yrs. Fabric from Calico Xmas. I got to use Mum's new machine to put them together. Mum helped with the borders and quilting. The lime green goes great with the purple paint on my bedroom walls.

'Kool Kats' made by Sarah 10 yrs- I don't like hand sewing so Grandma helped with that. I can now use a rotary cutter.

'Windmill's on the Water' made by Nick 13 yrs. I designed and made the top when I was 10. I quilted it on Mum's machine this year. Mum sewed on the binding.

'School Book Bag' made by Ella 10yrs. I chose the fabric, sewed the body of the bag & liner, & my name. Nana put it together.

 'My First Quilt' made by Sarah 10 yrs. My first quilt to learn how to machine sew. Grandma cut the fabric.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quilt Show Winners

Well it's all over now for another 2 years! The Quilt Show went really well, heaps of people through the doors, lots of people interested in joining the club, happy merchants, a visit from the local TV channel and heaps more!

Now I thought you would like to see the prize winners from the show. I haven't reduced these photo's as much as I usually do, so you can click on them to see all the detail.

I'm starting with my favorite, 'Tui' by Lynne O'Donnell won the 'Best Wall Hanging/Lap Quilt' ( now make sure you click on the photo to see all the detail of Lynne's machine embroidery. ) 

'Banksia' by Lynne O'Donnell won the 'Best Machine Quilting' (you'll have to click on this to see the quilting, you can't see it here!)

'Sampler Quilt' by Sue Farrier won 'Best Hand Quilting'. This is Sue's first quilt and she taught herself to quilt from the internet! 

'Poppies' by Dawn Dahlberg won 'Best First Time Exhibitor'

'Phoebe's Quilt' by Leonie Wihongi won 'Viewers Choice - Members Opening Night'

There is a Viewers Choice from the show itself, and this is still to be announced. We usually announce that at our next club meeting after the Show. 


The 'Challenge' for this Show was to make a small wall hanging inspired from a Fairy Tale or Nursery Rhyme. We have two section for the challenge, Gold for previous winners and Silver. Remember to click on the photo's to see more details!

'Hickory Dickory Dock' by Marilyn Galley Lees won '1st Place Challenge Gold Section', I love the cat's shadow!

'The Pied Piper' by Shirley Julian won  '2nd Place Gold Section'

'The Little Mermaid' by Jules Smith won '1st Place Silver Section'

'Dancing with the Nursery Rhyme Stars' by Sheila Ujdur won '2nd Place Silver Section'

Can't seem to get this last picture 'clickable' to see detail, but is on the (1st August post)

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Sneek Peek!

Just a little peek for now, I'll put more pictures on the blog after the show. 

This is at 9.00am on Thursday morning. Empty quilt stands and display boards. Then after hours of hard work it's done!

(Just one little corner of the show.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Raffle Quilts - Quilt Show

Opps managed to delete this post so I've re written it!

The count down is now on to the Quilt Show. Set up day is this Thursday, open to the public from 10am on Friday 23rd July!

Hours are 10am to 4pm Fri, Sat, Sun $2 entry. The Show is at Forum North, Rust Ave Whangarei.

We only have the Quilt Show every 2 years so there will be heaps of quilts to view. As well as a General Viewing Section there is a Challenge Section, and a Children's Section. There is a Viewers Choice for you to pick as well as prizes for different categories.

There's also a Robert Harris cafe next door for you caffeine fix!


There will be some lovely Merchants at the show

* The Apple Basket


*Itch to Stitch Bernina

*The Country Yard

*Bramble Cottage

*Derek Finegan (woodturner)

*Sales Table (member work for sale)


And of course there will be raffles. Our Merchants have given us prizes to raffle and there are 3 Quilts too!

The 3rd prize is this lovely teddy bear wall hanging.

Here's a close up. It was made by satellite group 'Val's Gal's'

2nd prize is a single bed child's quilt. All the theme fabric's are animals. Made by satellite group 'Seams 2 B'

Here's a close up of the quilting, it was quilted by John Nielsen of  'Quilt Fairies' at Baylys Beach.

And 1st prize is a queen/king quilt. You have seen the post about making this. If not click on 'raffle quilts' under Labels on the side bar.

Here's a close up of the quilting by Leonie Wihongi, the border has an incredible feather, and there's a cable design on the cream. Photo doesn't do it justice, you'll have to come to the show and see!  

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July Meeting 2010

Hi, I didn't make it to the July meeting. Stayed at home and kept my winter bugs to myself. Lucky for you I talked Lynne W into taking some photos for you all to see. Thanks Lynne.

Relda was surprised with a little party for her 90th Birthday!

I wonder what you wished for when you blew out the candles Relda?


Show n Tell

There was only a little show and tell, as yesterday was the hand in day for quilts to be exhibited at the quilt show. Unfortunately a couple of the photos were blurry, so I'll just have to tell you about them. Jacqui Howarth made a lovely quilt (you can see it behind Relda in the first photo, it's made with brown strips) and some oven gloves made by Marie Finnegan. Ok on to the photos that did come out.

This hand bag was knitted by Marie Finnegan, it was made at a 2 day course at Bernina

'Golden Gate - San Francisco ' made by Terri Mills, it's her first quilt! She got the idea from 'Quilt Your Photos' by Betty Alofs.

The next group of photos are the results of a 'Trip Around the World' monthy challenge. Each month the participants where told which Country they were 'visiting' and given fabric and embellishments to use in their blocks. From the same supplies the quilts are very diverse!


Next is a peek at the quilts that will be on display at our quilt show.

Mmm can't see much, they're all packaged up for delivery to the show venue! You'll have to come and see them hanging at the show, only 12 days to go!

Lastly I'd like to thank Lynne W again for taking the photo's, she did a great job.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Quilt Show- Free Show this weekend

Hi just a quick post to let you know that if you go to 'The Quilt Show'. They are having their latest show for free viewing (this weekend only). Click on the link above and watch they are always good. There's also a Tab to click for other free shows to watch too.

P.S. You will also have to sign in, but it's free, just your email and a password, easy ! And change the internet speed to slower, its on the top right hand side of 'the quilt show' website. Even our fastest internet speed here in New Zealand is slow compared to USA! :-(

Friday, July 9, 2010

Not Quilt Related...... but

She is sitting on a quilt, kind of? I was sent this today in my email and thought it was too funny not to share.

It was titled 'Barbie at 50yrs, it's about time this happened to her.'

Monday, July 5, 2010

Quilting Weekend at Teal Bay

Just back from a wonderful weekend away, with some of my quilty friends. We stayed at this great Bach (New Zealand word for holiday home), at Teal Bay about an hours drive north. 

First we unpacked all our extra sewing tables etc, then went for a walk on the beach.

It's winter here so the water was too cold for swimming, but it was a lovely sunny day. 

Then it was back to the Bach for some 'serious' uninterrupted sewing time.

Uninterrupted that was except for eating chocolate, drinking tea and coffee (and wine of course!) We did have healthy food too, I took a picture to prove it! As usual we were spoilt for choice and all ate too much, because it was all too yummy. Some highlights were Jocelyn's Chicken Casserole, Lynda's Bolognese and Fiona's 'Everything' Soup. 


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