Friday, May 24, 2013

Gingham Style

Just when you thought you had seen all the Gangnam Style videos, now there's Gingham Style, the sewing/quilting version from Riley Blake Designs ....enjoy.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The First Quilter in Space!

Look at this amazing story I found online about Astronaut Karen Nyberg who is also a Quilter.
She is going to the International Space Station on the 28th of May, and taking some fabric with her.
Hopefully the project won't become a UFO....sorry I couldn't resist!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Show n Tell May 2013

Finally posting last weeks show n tell! It's been a week of bad internet connections, and being home sick with a bug. I also have managed to lose some photos, and some quilts can't be shown because they are entered into competitions


Janet Greeks made this lovely quilt for her Grand Daughter. It's a Suduku quilt, each block has the same nine fabric in it. 


close up of the quilting, each fabric was quilted with a different motif.


'Love Those Crazy Blues'  by Carol Mayes


close up from Carol's quilt


Helen Barnes was given a bag of black and white strips, she added some green from her stash to make this reversible quilt.


My Sparkle Punch quilt, called 'Spotty Dotty' as there are so many spots & dots in it.


'When Old Becomes Modern' by Shirley Julian.


Another Double Wedding Ring table runner by Pam Carr.


Finally there have been a few lovely sunsets this week. This is one I photographed from my balcony.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finishes & Testing

I've finished Sparkle Punch and will take to show and tell today. But I thought I'd show you it's binding now. This is the first time I have completely machine stitched a binding. It's not perfect but I'm quite pleased with it.
It was soooo much quicker!
Machine stitched binding. 

I've also done some other sewing, feeling inspired by the Great British Bee, I decided to make myself a skirt. I've sewn clothes before so that's not too much of a leap for me. But what has got me really excited was I worked out how to do a rolled hem on my overlocker! 

Rolled hem on skirt 
And the testing in the title? I'm using my phone to post this too see how it works. Hopefully it looks OK 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I was watching Cathy Miller the singing quilter on "The Quilt Show" today and enjoyed listening to her songs, so I thought I'd share a this one from youtube with you. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I've Finally Quilted My 'Sparkle Punch' Quilt

I have had this top pinned with batting for weeks now, and finally decided to quilt it last Wednesday.
I quilted it with wavy lines, because I thought it would be easier than quilting it with straight lines.

Oscar had to get into the photo shoot too!
He must like this quilt because he has been supervising me with it this week.

Close up of my wavy lines.
I think I should have gone more wavy now that it's done. It really looks like I was doing straight lines and have had a few wines!
Next time I do 'wavy' I need to do them bigger so you can tell they are on purpose.

There are a lot of spots in this quilt, in the stars, the backing (purple on the right) and binding too.
Before I started sewing the binding on I had a tea break, and then laughed at how my 'Hundreds and Thousands' biscuit matched my quilt.

Here's another photo of Oscar, he was sleeping under my Sewezi table, using my Bernina foot pedal as a pillow! I think this confirms him as a quilting cat don't you?


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