Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just Another 48…

Last year at our Retreat I sewed my split nine patch blocks together. At the time I decided it was a bit small and I needed to make more blocks.
The problem with small blocks is they take just as much work as large blocks, but of course you need heaps more! Because the blocks are only 6 inches finished I had to make another 48 to get to the size I was happy with.

So over the last week I have finally made the last 48 blocks. If you look hard at the photo you can see that the last four rows (48 blocks) are not sewn together. It took a couple of hours moving blocks about till I was happy that no two fabrics were touching (unless diagonally). This was not the final arrangement so if you see anything wrong don't tell me!
I sewed the extras together last night while watching the encore screening of the Downton Abbey Xmas Special.

Here it is hanging on the line this morning, so I could get a photo. As you can see there's a breeze today!

The back with all the seams showing.

And the front, I think that's as good as I'm going to get with the wind today. Never mind it's sunny and warm.
Hope you've had a chance to do some sewing too this week.


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