Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pam Holland Lecture and Small Quilts

Well I've been back from Taupo for several days now so I thought I'd better blog some more about Symposium. It was full on so I came home tired (as did everyone else I know who went). Still have my cold and poor hubby was sick when I arrived home too :(  So glad the next Symposium will be in summer!

Anyway onto the interesting stuff..... I went to Pam Holland's lecture and really enjoyed it. She is a great story teller. Pam is an incredibly busy lady who has 15, yes 15 children (forgot how many grand children) and she travels the world teaching quilting, and taking tours. If you ever get a chance to do a class or lecture with her do, as she is very funny and could very easily have become a Comedian.
After the lecture we were allowed to look through, and handle some of the small works she bought with her. Each one is different from the next as she doesn't like repeating the same ideas.  Anyway here's a few photos I took of some of them.  
I love the stitching on this and the dyed/painted muslin overlays
Simple little block with great stitching.
Love the thread drawn buildings on this one.
Detail from the work above. See the washing on the roof?

Ths is A for Attitude from Pams book 'The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet'
This started as drawing for a grandchild and then Pam thought she would do the whole alphabet. Then she decided she would make up her drawings in fabric, which then lead to it being a book. (link to book in caption above)

This is C for Cups

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gwen Marsden and the Fire Alarm

Here's a few photos from Gwen Marsden's lecture. It was great but cut short by the fire alarm going off. Is this a new tradition for symposiums? as classes were interrupted by fire alarms at the Wellington symposium too!

Anyway even though I was disappointed in the lecture being cut short, it was good because I bumped into two old friends from Dannevirke outside. It was lovely to catch up with them and find out what they and their families have been up to over the last few years. I texted my husband to tell him as he used to work with both of these ladies. He had forgotten they were quilters I think, as he couldn't workout how I had meet up with them. So glad now for that annoying fire alarm!
Anyway enjoy these photos, bye for now Leeann

Bits n Bobs from Taupo

Been to the morning Farmers Market, bought a fair bit of fabric ($5 for 4 fat quarters, I couldn't resist!). Meet these two alpacas and had a fun time.
Part of the view from the house we are renting. Note the boat marina, is nice seeing the boats coming and going.
You can see Ruapehu etc in the top of this one.
Saw some of the exhibition yesterday. This is Rose from clubs entry into the Hoffman challenge, I promised her I'd see it.
A close up of the mansion
All the info
Fiona and Donna off to class yesterday. Do you think they had everything they needed?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Window Quilts

Walking around Taupo town window shopping, and looking at all the quilts in windows. Here's a few photos. Off to register soon, bye Leeann.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Just packing up for Symposium and doing a general tidy up and found these. I bought them at the Fibre Exhibition and forgot all about them. Looks like I have some hand stitching to do soon!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Show n Tell July 2013

It was a very cold, but sunny day for the club meeting last Saturday. The weathers just getting us ready for Taupo! There was a lot of talking about Taupo Symposium (starts Thursday) and general excitement, as this is a long looked forward to event.
Sue Gillard was our guest speaker and told us all about the Whangarei Community Tapestry Project with a very impressive power point. Use the link above to see the Tapestry, and of course it is set up at 'The Bach' in the Town Basin so you can go and weave some of it yourself.

OK now onto Show n Tell


Detail of Beaded Butterfly on quilt by Daphne Humphreys


Here's the whole quilt, of beautiful hexagons made for a friends wedding anniversary, by Daphne Humphreys. 

Daphne used many different types of fabric including upholstery fabrics, so all the different textures together really make this quilt glow (hard to see in the photo!).


This next quilt is full of sweet little details like these two



And here's the whole quilt, made by Carol Mayes for her teenage grand daughter who loves lime green, animals, soccer and music. Carol said she has had enough of lime green for a while :-)


Amazing Mariners Compass Quilt, hand and machine pieced by Wendy Magee.


Detail of Shona's quilt.


Shona Patterson made this beautiful quilt from a McKenna Ryan pattern. Shona hand appliqued the blocks. 


Francis Dixon made this sweet baby quilt for her great grand niece.


Rose Silvester made this as a surprise birthday gift for Alison McRae.


A little stitchery made by Carmel Spray. 

Jenny Gough is teaching herself to quilt, and this is an exercise from the book  'Easy Machine Quilting'.  The quilting looks great Jenny, looks like you've mastered free motion.

And lastly 'Simon's Landing' by Lex Geange. Lex fell in love with this pattern while on a trip to the USA two years ago. She managed to purchase the fabrics while there also. Quilted by Leonie Wihongi.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Creative Fibre Northland Exhibition

Creative Fibre Northland Exhibition
Exhibition, Traders and Demonstrations  at the Cafler Suite, Forum North, Rust Ave.
(Entry is Free)
Friday       5th July     9am - 7pm
Saturday   6th July     8am - 4pm
Sunday     7th July     10am - 1pm

I went and checked out the exhibition today. I was greeted at the door by this friendly fellow.

This chair was my favourite of the exhibition, and the knitted cupcake were cute too.

As I walked into Forum North I noticed these colourful flags.
I thought OK 3 hot water bottles and a full moon, what's that about?

Well on the way out I spotted a sign explaining them.
They are flags designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and will be used for the official logo if the Hundertwasser Art Centre is completed.

I still think they look like hot water bottles, and a full moon!



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