Friday, April 30, 2010

Old UFO Finished!

I finished it last night. Here it is hanging from the washing line with the wash, a little windy today so was hard to get a straight photo of it. This quilt has only three fabrics in it. The blue, pink and a multi print of tropical flowers. It is a Kaleidoscope block made using the Bethany Reynolds technique called Stack-n-Whack.

I had a few hiccups along the way; I had to unpick the binding and do again as the fabric was very stretchy, my darning foot came undone while quilting- I have a nicely bent needle (photo above); and I didn't quilt all last weekend as planned, because my husband took me to Marsden Cove to watch helicopters chasing speed boats! (photo below)

I think it's your turn to do some work now, so I have turned a picture of the centre of quilt into a jigsaw puzzle. Here's the picture you are trying to re-create, have fun. (use your mouse to drag puzzle pieces about)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More about EQ7

The Electric Quilt Company has sent me more about EQ7 and its new features. Have a look its impressive. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Exciting News EQ7 Coming Soon!

Exciting News..... EQ7 is coming shortly. Below I have copied some details of EQ7 as a teaser for you all. The Electric Quilt Company is going to give 10 blogs free copies to give away, so hopefully this blog will be picked, wouldn't that be great!

Two things that jump out to me are that EQ7 will be Netbook Compatible, and they have changed the Activation Policy. Old policy was 4 Activations, which was a worry if your computer crashed, or you purchased a new computer etc. New policy is that you can activate and deactivate EQ7. You get unlimted installations, so it can easily be transferred between computers. You may have two computers simultaneously active.

I know several club members have EQ6 and enjoy using it. EQ7 still works the same as EQ6, so don't worry about having to learn it from scratch, but it will have heaps of extras. It's being released on 7 June, so start saving now.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Challenge to Finish UFO

Don't run and hide, this challenge is for me! I have decided that this UFO has to be FINISHED this WEEK. It's nearly done, just the centre of blocks and borders to quilt, binding on and a hanging sleeve. Mmmmm that sounds a lot. I'll try for a finish this week, hopeful I won't have to extend to next week.

I have been trying to workout when I started it. Probably in 2001, maybe 2002. I remember it was a class at Needlecraft in Palmerston North taught by Lorna Newsome. Way too long ago. The blocks were all finished within a week or so of class, and the top without borders not to long after. Why is it not finished and on a bed? Well I do remember packing it away when house was on the market in 2003. It didn't get unpacked again until 2006 when I started machine quilting it, and then unpicked quilting as it was awful. A month or so ago I got it out and started quilting again.

Do you have some UFO's older than this? Please say yes so I don't feel so guilty! If you want to challenge yourself to finish an old UFO, email me a picture and I'll put on Blog. Leave a comment about your UFO's, or a comment to cheer me on. Hopefully I'll have a photo of this quilt finished for you all to see soon.  :-)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

More from Creative Fibre

A couple of shots of the merchants at the Festival. There were wool, alpaca, silk & possum fibres. Patterns for knitting, garments for sale from silk scarves, to jerseys, baby socks & everything else in between. Dyes for wool, silk & cottons, beads, books and much more!

The silk scarves above were part of the display by Guest Exhibitor Agnes Hauptli. I spoke to Agnes about them, and she said that some of the complex weaving designs can take up to 14 hours just to set the loom up, before she starts to weave. They are extremely beautiful.

Jersey, skirt and hat by Elaine MacGregor of Napier entitled 'Winter Rose' hand knitted, hand felted merino.

'Fleur' by Raewyn Penrose of Waikato, Tunic, hand felted merino.

This and the next picture were entries in a challenge to do a self portrait. I can't find the artists names in my catalogue! So I will have to update later, if they put details on their website.

Creative Fibre Festival

Here are some of the many photos I took this afternoon at the Festival. This is just a small taste of the Exhibition, there were 125 entries in the display.

Some of the items below are described using a number followed by 'epi'. I didn't know what this meant, so looked up on wiki and found out it means:               (Ends per inch) 
The number of ends per inch varies on the pattern to be woven and the thickness of the thread.

'Kaleidoscope' by Jo Reeve, Tawa. Handwoven 24epi Cotton

Close up so you can see the intricate pattern. I really liked this! 

(red) 'Rubies and Garnets' by Cynthia Read, Cambridge. Knitted silk and mohair.

(blue) 'Pacific Wave' by Kathy McLauchlan, Porirua. Hand spun, dyed and knitted 85% Silk 15% Cashmere and Beads.

(jacket centre) 'Full Bloom' by Sandra Thompson, Northland. Weaving & felt merino, silk & tencel.

'Flower Power' (bag) by Christine Hart, Kerikeri. Felted Alpaca, machine stitched.

'Spiders & Rosebuds' by Joan Downes, Upper Hutt. Bobbin lace, linen thread. This was very small about 20cm sq , and was perfect. Another of my favourites.

'Oil Spill' (travel rug) by Ian Baker, North Taranaki. Woven 20epi random dyed Romney.

Shadow weave scarf by Fay Hider, Christchurch. Handwoven 30epi, wool, alpaca & silk.

'Sari Bazaar' (wrap/scarf) by Sue Broad, Nelson. Collapse weave 16epi handspun, hand dyed. Wool, silk, rayon, and alpaca.

'Kereru' by Carlene Douglass, Upper Hutt. Needle felt merino. This was another favourite with me, probably as I have a few that visit my garden. This wallhanging was small approx 25cm x 15cm.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Show and Tell April 2010

This quilt was made by Lex Geange. The animal print in it is Minke fabric, so is very soft and you want to stroke it like a cat! Lex bought the Minke when she was in Australia. She's not sure which lucky person is getting it yet.

This is a Diva Bag made by Maria New. This handbag also opens out, so it can be worn as a backpack, and has many inside pockets.

This quilt is being made by Helen Barron for her niece's new baby girl. It's made from Liberty fabrics, and Helen would like to thank Margie for letting her use some of her stash.

Elaine Healey has made these two quilts for Starship in Auckland (National Childrens Hospital). Elaine makes many quilts for Starship. If you would like to make some too, ask Elaine for details. Starship likes them a certain size, and to be tied not quilted.

The background of this quilt has been pieced by Margaret Rapson, and the poppies appliqued by Carmel Spray. Great team work! A good way to finish UFOs.

Club Meeting April 2010

Here's a few pictures taken at todays meeting at Hurupaki School.

Robin Halverson demonstrated Discharge Dyeing, using bleach on  stamps, and painting freehand. It was interesting to see what colour the bleach revealed under the black dye. A lot of black fabric starts life another colour, and is  overdyed black. The fabric Robin was using today, dicharged to a pink, but she had other samples that were white and cream too.

Bargain hunters, looking through Joan Cook's stash. 

Irene's having a good time!    :-)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Raffle Quilt, the borders are on!

I went to Fiona's this morning, and we put the borders on the raffle quilt. Above is the quilt top with 1st border cream, and 2 sides of light brown border.

Below is the finished top with a 3rd border of dark brown. It's on Fiona's king size bed, so it's going to be a large quilt. We are happy with the way it has turned out, the blue and brown look really good together.

Now all I have to do, is cover the library books for tomorrow's meeting, and wrap the raffle prizes! See you all at Hurupaki School tomorrow.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creative Fibre Festival, National Exhibition


This is like our Quilting Symposium but for spinners, weavers, knitters, felters etc. They are having their conference here in Whangarei. 

Read more at their websitehere:

The Exhibition is on Friday (tomorrow) til Sunday, upstairs at Kensington Stadium. Downstairs they have merchants selling all sorts, from alpaca fleece to dyes. Entry is $8 for Adults, Children are free.

I'm going but not till Sunday, so thought I'd let you all know in case you haven't seen ad's. I'll take photos if its allowed & post them on the blog later. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hibiscus Quilt

I thought I would share this quilt from my work. It hangs as a curtain in the school library, behind my desk. It was made by children in the school several years ago. Each child stitched a flower by hand. The stitches are large and mostly done with contrasting thread.


The mother who co-ordinated this quilt, wrote each child's name on their blocks, then hand pieced the blocks and sashing together, and backed with calico. Unfortunately the quilt has no label, and teachers come and go, so no one can remember who she was, and when exactly it was made. 

The children at school say to me they like the way the light shines though it. Makes it seem like stained glass.

It just goes to show what children can achieve with a little guidance. Remember there is a Childrens Section at our Quilt Show in July. So if you have school age kids in your family encourage them to enter.


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