Sunday, October 24, 2010

Otamatea Quilt Show at the Kauri Museum

Hi everyone I was out and about with the Girls again today. We went to the Otamatea Quilt Show at The Kauri Museum.

Kauri is one of the largest trees in the world and are native to New Zealand. Their wood is extremely beautiful, and they also produce Kauri Gum (Amber)

Here's a couple of shots of the quilts from upstairs looking down, and across to the quilts hanging from the opposite balcony.

Any here's a few photo's of quilts that caught my fancy.

'My Poppies' by Helen Poot. Close up below to show the great quilting, machine embroidery & beading. The workmanship is amazing.

A close up of 'Fandiago' by L. King. I liked this modern version of a grandmothers fan, and the use of rick rack. 

'Gnarly Backflip' by J. Horobin. I loved this funny little quilt, especially the last block (detail below) of the triumphant finish! 

'Memories' by B. Palmer was a lovely crazy quilt made in pastel tones, using old linens, lace ,ribbons, hand embroidery etc. It was stunning, here's a close up of a block.   


Now for some other photos from the Museum

This photo is especially for overseas readers. These are Kiwi's, they are New Zealands National Bird. Size wise the larger bird is about the size of a cat, and the egg, the size of a coffee mug. They are a nocturnal, flightless birds.

The Otamatea Boarding House was moved inside the Museum and restored, and it looks great. You can walk through all the rooms, it's not a false frontage, its the whole building! Nice to have a quilt hanging from it too.

Here's an old fashioned nursery, there's a quilt in the baby's cot and another on the bed at the back.

This man has a crazy quilt to keep him warm in the Parlour.

The Maid doing the laundry. I hate ironing now, just as well I don't have to use an iron like these!

As it is the 'Kauri' Museum there is everyhting you can think of made from Kauri wood. I liked this dresser best as it shows the glow and wonderful grain of Kauri.

And of course there is every kind of Kauri Gum (Amber) too. Here are pieces with insects stuck in them, like in the beginning of the movie Jurassic Park.

Display cabinets full of polished Kauri Gum. 

Kauri Gum necklaces, and below a sculpture of a ship.  

There are big displays of machinery that cut the trees, but thats not my thing so I didn't take photos of those. But if you visit the Museum with men they usually love those bits!

The Kauri Museum is an incredible place and well worth visiting, so next time you are in Northland make the trip. Here's a short video of it for you to enjoy as a teaser. 


  1. Great Photo's Lovely Quilts from the show, thank you for the close up of the quilting.

  2. Wow! what a show! FAbulous quilts and then a history lesson. I don't think I could have identified a Kiwi before today and I certainly did not know it it the New Zealand National Bird. The short video was enticing--the Kauri wood is so beautiful! My teen-aged son and I enjoyed your beautiful & historical post today! thanks!!

  3. Wow! What a neat show! I love that Poppy quilt, and everything I saw!

  4. Gorgeous quilts and great photos Leeann - Looks like I"ll have too get down there!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the quilt show photos, I just love quilt shows, but then, doesn't everyone. It looks like the Kauri Museum has expanded since our last visit.


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