Sunday, October 28, 2012

While the Cat’s away….

I really mean when the Hubby’s away! Hubby is off at Fire Camp, playing Fire Engines so I've been enjoying the house to myself.

Various Fire Vehicles from around Northland, before heading off to Fire Camp
So I decided that I'd quilt my second "Made in Cherry" star quilt. It's so nice not having to stop to cook meals etc!
I have been putting this off as I couldn't decide how to quilt it. But in the end I chose very simple quilting, not too dense so that the quilt will be nice and soft when finished.
Quilting in the ditch around the red star.
I just bounced around the red squares (freemotion), then stitched in the ditch around the outside of the star. For the background I decided that loopy loops would work.
Loopy loop quilting on the yellow background.
The quilting is not perfect, but I like how it's getting better. Freemotion is really about practise, and I have to remind myself that it takes time. I do like what I'm doing, and I'm enjoying it! And that's what quilting is for me. Having fun and making stuff, not creating perfection.

All Quilted! Squaring up and binding next.
When I took these photos off my camera, I also found these from last weekend. They are of the R Tucker Thompson sailing boat. It sailed from Onerahi wharf to Little Munro Bay last weekend. Hubby was disappointed that all the tickets had been sold before he heard about it, so we didn't sail. But we did go and see it off. I was pleased we didn't go that day as it was overcast with rain threatening as you can see from the sky. Not like this weekend it is so sunny it feels like Summer and not Spring. 
All aboard!
Sailing past Limestone Island
Sailing down the Harbour (Whangarei Heads in the background)
Hope you all had a great weekend, bye

Friday, October 19, 2012

Show n Tell, October 2012

We had a nice varied Show n Tell last Saturday. It never ceases to amaze me that club members have so many finished quilts each month! 


'Star Dreamer' by Jennifer Cullen, a Lone Star made for her cousin. Jennifer started with a pattern from a magazine, but then added her own border design. 


Jane Robinson stitched this beautiful quilt. Hand embroidered, machine pieced and hand quilted. 


A close up of one of Jane's embroidered blocks.


'I Do Love to be Beside the Seaside' by Janet Greeks. Janet designed the quilt around the squares of nautical fabric she purchased from the Country Yard. 


Helen Barnes made this batik beauty to use some six inch squares from Tulis Fabrics. The pattern is by Susan Claire. 


Helen Barron made this quilt for an 18 year old girl in her family. I'm sure she will love it, the colours are just beautiful (photo doesn't do them justice!) Beautifully hand quilted as usual by Helen. 


'Country Pieces' by Jennifer Cullen. Made for her Brother with fabric scraps from her Sister. A real family project!


Made by Pam Carr, quilted by Wendy McGee. A really fun design.


'Landscape' by Robin Halverson. Hand dyed and commercial fabrics, thread painted Tui. 


Shirley Julian made this wallhanging from an old Aust. P&Q mag, as a challenge with her satellite group. Shirley made it  her personal challenge to only use her stash fabric.  


'Set Adrift' by Sonya Prchal. Sonya thread painted her dog from a photo. Don't worry he was only adrift for a moment before being saved!


At a previous club day we were given a Sudoku puzzle to complete, with a pattern on the back to make a fabric version if we wanted to. Rose Silvester met the challenge by making this cushion.  


Alison McRae decided she should make one too if Rose was! So here's her version.

Well done both of you.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sewing at Opononi

I'm just back from a Girls Week Away, sewing at Opononi. It was a great week, lots of sewing, talking, eating, and walking on the beach. Lily especially enjoyed the walks on the beach.

Lily on the deck. Lily is Fiona's Foxy/Corgi cross

We were lucky with the weather while we were there away, lots of sunshine so we could enjoy our walks.

View looking left out to the Heads of the Hokianga Harbour


View looking right.


Donna taking a photo of me taking photos :-)


Two men, a dog, one caravan and tractor

It was common to see boats being towed, but we also saw caravans and a horse and cart. It was like going back in time really.
I was a bit slow to grab the camera to catch the horse and cart, but here it is in the distance!

Horse and cart!

Working on piecing together my 'Sparkle Punch' quilt I fed the units through the machine upside down!
No unpicking was required though, just snipping the connecting chain piecing threads, and rearranging the units. (2nd Photo) See it all makes sense now


Here's my Sparkle Punch it is all sewn together!


Fiona finished this quilt top she is making for her son.


Here's a close up of the fabric in Fionas quilt. Can you guess her son likes surfing?


Checker boards

Onto my second project, a kit I bought from Itch to Stitch Bernina. It's a cute emergency vehicle panel surrounded by several borders.

Checker boards added, and in the background is one of the blocks Donna was working on.




Fiona's 'Horses' Quilt

Fiona completed the top of her 'Horses' quilt. The brown border fabric is so perfect for it with the criss cross  design mirroring the block design.

Up the right way!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sparkle Punch

Innocent looking Cat
Yesterday I decided to get out my Sparkle Punch blocks out and decide where all the stars would go.
The last time I tried to do this Oscar was a bit too helpful (I know he looks innocent here) but he was NOT! Also my knees were sore. In a silly moment I did some Gangnam Style dancing, and I'd not recommend the 'horsey bit' as it is especially hard on the knees! Anyway....

Temporary design wall
So to save my knees I thought I would make a temporary design wall by pegging some batting to my lounge curtains. Can you see my laptop on the couch?
Bonnie on Quilt Cam
As I was laying out blocks I was watching Bonnie Hunter's live stream. She does these every few days, sits and sews in her studio. As it is live she stops and answers questions from her blog comments. It's fun to watch, makes you feel like you are having a sewing day with a friend.

I had to start using pins to keep the blocks attached. If the batting had been against a hard surface I wouldn't have had to use them, but as the batting was on the curtains I needed pins. Annoying but better than crawling around on the floor!

Happy with this layout

I didn't want half or quarter stars around the edges, so cut extra grey squares to complete the quilt top.

Left over scraps.
I needed 60 grey squares to complete the top. I had just enough fabric left to cut them. LUCKY!


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