Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quilting Decisions?

Hi everyone, I actually did a little sewing! I pieced the backing for my Sparkle Punch quilt so that I could pin baste it.
This is how I do it now. I just smooth all the layers over my plastic folding table, and go for it. I haven’t had any puckers in the back either so it’s working for me. It seems that the weight of the quilt hanging over the edge, is enough to keep the backing smooth.

Yes, the next clean up project needs to be the bookself!

I've ordered a couple of quilting books, so I'm going to wait till they arrive to help me decide how I'm going to quilt this. Hopefully they will be here tomorrow.

I'm happy with my free-motion quilting now that I've been doing it a few years, but I have a hard time deciding what design(s) to use. What about you, do ideas for quilting come easy to you? Or are you like me, always unsure?

While you ponder that, and get back to me, (it’s nice to get comments, just click at the bottom of the post to send me one Smile). I'm going to read my mail. Yay for quilt magazines instead of bills in the mail box.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Watch Free Shows on ‘The Quilt Show’

The Quilt Show has opened up all it’s shows for free for the weekend, to celebrate International Quilting Day.
That's for today and tomorrow (as we are a day ahead of them here in New Zealand!)

They also have a really good offer if you decide to become a paid member.
So go over there (click on the blue link above) and check it out.
download (1)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Show n Tell March 2013

Here's the Show n Tell from last Saturdays meeting for you all to enjoy.
First up is this beautiful machine stitched Sashiko quilt made by Tric Carter.
It was started at the Wellington Symposium, and is going to be a very special gift for a lucky person (it's a secret who)
Every block has a different design, here's a couple of close ups for you to admire.



Shattered Nine Patch, made by Angela Bowers for her own birthday. It was quilted by Jenny Bailey of Kaiwaka.
Angela's sister then had a birthday cake made to match the quilt!

Sudoku Quilt made by Marie Finegan to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary.
Quilted by Sandy Robinson.

I like how Sandy quilted the Sudoku  numbers, on this quilt.

Sewing machine cover made and quilted by Marie Finegan.

Raewyn Jecentho made this table centre (kit from The Country Yard) in a day. She has sewn a weighted cord into the edge so she can use it on her outdoor table.

Navajo Winter (design by Jinny Beyer) lap quilt made by Lex Geange.
Lex said it wasn't too hard to make with strip piecing.

Mini ipad/kindle bag made by Lex Geange.

Lex started making a circular bag but in her words 'made a boo boo, so now I have two more placemats'

Patricia Smith made this cute bag in a class with Dianne Fussel.

This quilt was made by a visitor to the club Sylvie Heasman. Sylvie sails around the world with her Husband David and at the moment they are here in Northland, NZ.
Sylvie spoke to the club about how she has been designing her own fabric, using Spoonflower.
Spoon flower is a company that you upload your own designs to, and  they print your fabric. You can purchase other people designs too, here's the link for Sylvies designs.
The fabric in the quilt above is made using Sylvie's own designs, (except the black).
Sylvie also has her own quilting/design blog so go and check that out, and there is also a sailing blog too.


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