Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Show n Tell August 2016

Star Quilt made by Tess Harris, for her Ngunguru group challenge. Hand and machine quilted. Close up of some of the lovely machine quilting below.


'The Not So Perfect Circle' by Petra Pilkington. Close up below so you can see all the great stitching and embellishments.


'Winter Scene' by Robin Halverson. An exercise on texture, taken form Wendy Dolin's book 'Layer Stitch & Paint'

By Lyn Madden. This is the result of attending Susan Brubaker Knapp's class at club.
Lovely work Lyn.

Four mini quilts by Marion Lees, inspired by Jeanne Williamson's book 'The Uncommon Quilter'

Large table runner made by Patrica Smith.

Rug made by Marion Moon after Donna Rowan's rug making demo.

Bow Tie quilt made by Maureen Gray, quilted by Charlene Kerr of Tauranga.

Kotuku- a kit from Grandmothers Garden, made by Shelia Ujdur.

Stitchbird- a kit from Grandmothers Garden, made by Shelia Ujdur.

'Let it Snow' made by Shelia Ujdur in Susan Brubaker Knapp's class.

Thread stitched snow flakes made by Lynne O'Donnell at Susan Brubaker Knapp's class.

Scrap quilt made by Jenny Gough. The squares came from Joan Cooks stash that was sold at club. Jenny longarm quilted this quilt herself at Bernina Northland.

Charity scrap quilt made by Jenny Gough.

This scrap quilt and the next were made by Leonie Whihongi as 'physio therapy' when she was recovering from her shoulder injury.

Made by Leonie Wihongi in a class with Donna Ward.

Helen Barrow's friend had a stash of flannel fabric she didn't want anymore, so Helen said she would make quilts out of it. This is the first.

Then Helen made another one.....

And from the scraps of the first two she made this tumbler quilt.......

And this strip quilt......

And even the backs were pieced with flannel fabrics.
Well done Helen that's a lot of quilts!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Show n Tell July 2016

Here is the Show n Tell from our July meeting. It is a little late as I wanted to leave the videos about quilt binding at the top of the blog for a while. So if you are still looking for those videos they are on the next post down!

I missed taking photos of some quilts, and some photos just didn't come out clear (me moving my phone too fast, opps). But enjoy the photos that I did  take!

This is a charity quilt made by club members. If you look hard you will see the rectangle pieced edges of the blocks circle around a central turquoise square.
This block was made using a 'partial seam' as I demonstrated at club last month.

This quilt (pattern called Scrap Vomit) was made by Helen Barron.

Leonie Wihongi so enjoyed making this quilt pattern, she made several versions.


Cot quilt made By Kerinda Robb, quilted on the new Bernina Longarm Q24 at Bernina Northland.

And finally my quilt also quilted on the new Q24 Longarm at Bernina Northland.

This was my first time quilting on the Q24 and I enjoyed it so much.
Sandy at Bernina Northland hires out the Q24 Longarm, for you to quilt your own quilts, so if you are interested in having a go, pop in and see her.
It's great fun and I know I will be quilting many more quilts on the Q24.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Joining Binding- like I did in the demo today at club.

Today at club I demo-ed Magic Binding and I said I would add these videos again to the blog.

Bookmark this post so you can come back to it next time you have a quilt to bind and you would like to use the methods I showed today.

This one shows the making of Magic Binding, but I'm not so keen on how Jenny joins her binding at the end (I've made too many mistakes cutting it first like she does)

This video shows the way I join the ends of my binding. I haven't made a mistake using this method, and I get to trim the ends after I am happy with my seam.

Good luck with your binding.

PS   remember you can click on the 'full screen' icon in the bottom right hand corner (once you have started the video) so the videos are easier to watch.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Show n Tell June 2016

Well, I think this is a first. There was one quilt hanging for Show n Tell at the June meeting!
I was expecting a few more as the Club hosted Susan Brubaker Knapp for a workshop in late May. But I suppose we will see the work from that class at our July meeting.
Fiona Carter made this for one of her Grand Daughters, quilted by Wendy McGee.
This is a lovely panel and Fiona has added borders to make it a great size to snuggle under. I’m sure her Grand Daughter will love it.

I have done a few Quilty things lately, will post about them soon, in the mean time….
Hubby and I had a quick trip to Sydney, to catch up with our Eldest Son and his lovely Girlfriend.
We also enjoyed lots of Ferry and Train rides, as well as enjoying the Vivid Festival


When I did come home I caught up on some of my sewing. Oscar helped by protecting my blocks from intruders (my Hubby!)

Oscar enjoying his Mum being home again!
Hopefully I’ll have more quilt stuff to show you later in the week.
Bye for now.


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