Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What we SHOULDN'T do

Just watched this video by Angela Walters. It's so great I had to share it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quilting on Youtube

I watched this video on Youtube the other day about a quick way to unpick. It is kind of cool so I thought I'd share it here. Then I was thinking about all the fun stuff that Youtube has about quilting so I thought I'd share some stuff I look at.

Here's the cool fast way of unpicking

I love the Missouri Star's quilt video's there are so many and all very easy to follow.
This is making a Zipper Pouch, but most are quick techniques to make quilts using pre-cuts.

If you need a refresher in how to do some type of quilting, search Youtube there will be plenty of videos for you to watch and learn. Here's a good one on Big Stitch Quilting.

Anyway if you haven't thought about using Youtube to look up quilting stuff, have a go, you will be surprised at the amount content there is.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Show n Tell February 2015

 Finally here's the Show n Tell from over a week ago!

Donna Rowan didn't want to cut the large print fabric into small pieces, so used this pattern 'Nested' by Valori Wells. Donna feels the fabric gives it a retro 1950's vibe.

ATT_1424567102851_image (1)
The Teddy quilt above and Fairy quilt below were made by Dawn Dahlberg for her twin grand daughters. The girls turned 3 recently and Dawn is busy finishing the quilts in time for their party.


ATT_1424567234974_image (1)
This wall hanging made by Pam Carr. This was a Block of the Month Stitchery designed by Lynette Anderson.

Mystery Quilt Class at Symposium, made by Anthea Wild. Class tutored by Jennie Anderson.

Jacqui Howarth made this 'quilt as you go' quilt, using an on-line free motion quilting class with Leah Day. Each block was quilted all in one go without breaking thread.

Made by Fiona Carter, quilted by Wendy Magee. Fiona started this 3 years ago for her son to take to University. But plans changed and he didn't go, so the quilt was put on the back burner.
Fiona used the Hawaiian fabric as a reminder to family holiday in Hawaii.

"Affairs of the Heart" by Jeanette Monaghan, quilted by John Neilsen.

And lastly "Dolphin Days" by Carmel Spray. Made using two ideas from earlier quilts Carmel made back in the 90's. Background inspired by the book "One of a Kind Quilts" by Judy Hopkins.

Friday, February 6, 2015

A Few Quilts from the Living Colour! Exhibition

The Living Colour! (travelling textile art exhibition) was on display in Palmerston North in conjunction with Quilt Manawatu. Here are a few photos of quilts that appealed to me. You can see all the quilts if you go to


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