Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Meeting -Guest Speaker Hazel Foot

Hazel Foot spoke about her trip to India, especially all the textiles she encountered.  Hazel bought many textiles for us to pour over and enjoy. She told us of her visit to the famous Calico Museum, and how the rooms are dark, with only a low light turned on when visitors are in a room, and turned off again to preserve the antique textiles. There where funny stories such as the monk who had renounced all his possessions, even his clothes, but carried a cell phone! And the inspirational story of the Kala Raksha artisan initiative, which is preserving tradition arts and crafts, thought the fair trade of their work. 

I took a few photo's of the textiles Hazel bought for us to see. Above is a Toran (for hanging above a door). It is approx 60 - 70 years old.

This silk scarf is tie dyed. The scarves are tied with string, then dyed. When dry they are pulled at each end like a xmas cracker and the string pops off revealing the undyed white design.

Here's a close up of some mirror work, it's all hand stitched!

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  1. Beautiful pieces, I love seeing work from other cultures. Thiose colours are so bright too, thanks for sharing your meeting.


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