Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Country Yard's Annual Exhibition

I had a great time at The Country Yard's Annual Exhibition today, I even won a spot prize! I took some photo's to share with you all. Enjoy!

This quilt on the bed was my Viewers Choice, very simple piecing but the colours were just lovely. 

There were several log cabin quilts, they always look great. I have one in my UFO pile maybe I should get moving on it. 

And a lot of Nine patch quilts as there was a swap of these blocks. They all turned out different.(Yes I can hear all my 'friends' saying I have a UFO of these too)

Red School House blocks, another classic.

Here's a  close up from a stitchery quilt. 

And another close up from the same quilt. Love the 'button' flowers.       


These next Quiltlets (8x12 inches) were a Challenge to make a quiltlet using the first letter of your name as inspiration, and a piece of challenge fabric had to be used too. ( The fabric was a pale blue/green background, with pink roses. The star & pin cushion in the first quiltlet is made using the challenge fabric.)

1st Place,  Ngarie Fleming

2nd Place, Raewyn Barge

3rd Place, Kerry Aiken

Highly Commended, Gill Curtis

Highly Commended, Joyce Moreland

Highly Commended, Leeann Hansen (Yay that's me)

And of course the gardens at The Country Yard were looking beautiful. These pink petunia's made me smile.

And we were entertained with music too. Here's a snapshot of the Band in the rose covered summerhouse. What a great day.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos, I just love seeing what others do. And congratulations on your "Highly Commended" win!

  2. Thanks for this post Leeann ... your support and patchwork enthusiasm is appreciated ... and yes don't we all love the musicians!!

  3. Thanks Leeann, it was neat to see so many people come and enjoy themselves, I loved the Musicians too, one a bit more than the others!

  4. A great post Leeann, saves me having to write something!! (I'll link to you, if that's OK?!)Glad you enjoyed the day, it was a good turnout and everyone seemed happy.

  5. Thanks for the photos - it was a lovely exhibition - I am the owner of the quilt on the bed - thanks for voting for me. Janis

  6. Glad you all enjoyed the post! Leeanne (the other one not me) husband's in the Band, that's why she loves one more than the others. In case everyone out there is wondering! They were really good and I had fun trying to guess the names of songs they were playing. Lucky I didn't start singing, I'm a bit(Lot) flat. Raewyn, it's fine to link to this post, was nice to see you yesterday too. And Janis thanks for telling me it was your quilt I loved. It's always nice to put quilts & people together.

  7. I would have loved seeing them all in person.

  8. Oh so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing all of these wonderful pieces!

  9. That red school house quilt is really eye-catching - plus I have a weakness for red and white...


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