Thursday, February 16, 2012

Show n Tell February 2012

Suz Hoe Street by Mathea Daunheimer. Inspired from her time in China. See the detail in the close up below.

Dock Ropes # 6 by Mathea Daunheimer. This series is based on a truck Mathea saw, full of old/to be recycled fishing rope. Check out all the stitching in the close up below.


The View through the Trees, by Robyn Halverson. Robyn pieced the scene then cut it up & inserted the pieced trees.

Jess Fraser made this from a NZ Quilter magazine pattern. Her Mum quilted it for her, and she has given it to her Nanny.

Made by Shelia Udjur. It is a pattern she purchased from the Apple Basket a few years ago, and she decided it was time to make it up.

Shelia Udjur made this for her Son & Daughter in laws wedding. She designed it in EQ6. It took 17 days to make from start to finish!

Bruce the Rooster by Sonya Prchal. Sonya created this from a photo she took of a cheeky Rooster. Check out the stitching in the close up below.


Table runner made by Pam Carr. 6 fat quarters made this and another for Pam's friend.

Raewyn Jecentho made this from a kiwi jelly roll she purchased at Calico Christmas. This is only her second quilt. Quilted by Sandy Robinson.

Sue Farrier made these beautiful bibs, I love the bee the best.

Dorothy Terpstra made this bag form a Quilt Mania magazine. She managed to find similar fabric to that in the magazine too.

This hand stitched table runner was made by Hazel Phillps. She said it was a good hand stitching project to take to meetings etc. (Sorry the edges aren't in the photo, it was on a table and my arms weren't long enough!)

And finally my bit of mad sewing from the holiday break!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Poor Oscar!

He’s wearing his ‘Cone of Shame’. Don’t worry he’s OK really it’s just that he had a little scab on his head that he had scratched the top off. I know from previous experience he will keep at it until it becomes so big he will need a staple or stitch….so cone of shame it is for a couple of days until it’s healed.

Here he is preparing to  have a sleep on his own quilt, an old flannel quilt I made back in the early 90’s. It started out as a quilt for my boys to cuddle under and watch cartoons, but now it belongs to Oscar. It is so well used there is no fluff left on the flannel, the binding edges are worn, but it is really soft and all his.

Do you pets have their own quilts? If not make them one they will love you for it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Made in Cherry Quilt Along

After finishing the top of my Orca Bay, I decided I wanted to make something quick and easy with BIG pieces. I’m kinda over sewing little pieces for a while! Winking smile This quilt top has been really fast to make, the whole top has only 228 pieces total.
Compare that to the pieces in my Orca Bay top….drum roll please3451. Yes that's right, Three thousand, four hundred, and fifty one pieces.  
Not so windy today, only a light breeze! (yes lawn needs mowing again)

This is a 'quilt along', better than a mystery I think as you can see the pattern first, and decide if you like the design and if your skills are up to it. I noticed several people making this quilt, on different blogs so thought I'd give it a whirl too. Heres the link to all the info if you'd like to make one. 

The back. I like how all the seams make it look like stain glass.
Whangarei quilters remember tomorrow is Club day. Visitors are welcome to come to our meetings, so if you are able to come please do. Bring a friend if you want, the more the merrier. (info of where and when at the top right of blog) See you tomorrow then,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Check out some other Orca Bays

Hi Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) is having a final linky, to blogs of people who have made her mystery quilt Orca Bay.
There are so many different colourways etc I thought you might be interested in seeing what others have done with the same pattern. Heres the link to take you there (I'm number 44)

Friday, February 3, 2012


On Wednesday I saw a quilting friend Maria and she asked about my Orca Bay, and how it was coming along. So here it is Maria!

I have had the top finished for about a week I think, but have been humming and harring about maybe adding more borders. Well after auditioning heaps of different options, I have decided not too! They all distracted too much from the pieced border. And as there was a lot of work in that border, I don't want to do that!

It's windy here today but I thought if I waited long enough I might get an OK photo outside.

 Mmmm maybe I should have done some washing this morning!


 I changed a few things in the design, nothing too major though. 
  -swapped the positions of the black and neutral star blocks (as I said in a previous post). 
  -used a black fabric for the first border, instead of a neutral fabric. 
  -and lastly I have turned the hourglass blocks around the other way in the pieced border.

from the back with all the raw edges it looks kind of stained glass like

Oscar always comes and helps when I hang out the washing, but he didn't help with the photo shoot. He watched from the deck instead.
I don't think he likes this quilt as he hasn't helped with any of the sewing either, not like him at all. 


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