Friday, February 25, 2011

Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville

The last few days has been so sad watching the coverage of the Christchurch Earthquake. We are all still hoping for more rescues. I hope everyone has been able to contact their loved ones, I can't imagine what it feels like to have to wait for news. I have been watching TV constantly hoping for more rescues. 

Today I felt I needed to take a break from watching, so have had a look at a few blogs and You Tube. I found these two clips of Bonnie Hunter, of Quiltville.  

This first video is about why she quilts. And I'm sure everyone has been asked these questions by non-quilters too.


This Video is longer and covers how she came up with her 'Scrap User System', & 'Leaders and Enders'.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dancing Quilt Blocks

This clip of dancing quilt blocks has been going around the internet this week on various quilt sites. It's really good, so if you haven't seen it check it out.

I haven't had time to play with the new machine yet, but I have a good excuse. Yesterday we went to Auckland for the day, did a little shopping and then picked up Eldest Son from the airport. He has been in Sydney since November doing an internship at Google. I've missed him especially at Christmas, but isn't Skype great. (If you have kids or grandkids far away it's a must) He's only here for a few days before he heads back to Hamilton to move into a new flat. 

Of course he bought washing home, here's a picture of the washing line full of Google T-Shirts. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Birthday Present!


Before I show you my Birthday present, have a look at this fabric. It's a fabric range designed by Michelle Marvig, and it's at the Fabric Barn. They are having a sale starting tomorrow, so I might have to pop back in and buy some! They have a lot of 100% cotton fabric in with the dressmaking fabrics too, like this Polynesian design below. So if you go, check them out. There are some that are 150cm wide so they would be good for backing. OK scroll down past the fabric to see my Present....


Here it is! Now I have to learn how to drive it! Hopefully it won't take too long. My husband picked it up for me today, but I've only had a little play as I had to take Youngest Son out driving. (I'm teaching him and we are still having a lot of bunny hops!) 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Late Valentines Day

I meant to post this yesterday, but yesterday just seemed to disappear!
I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day. I took my youngest Son to school yesterday, instead of him taking the bus. Because he had a large bouquet of flowers for his Girlfriend. I have a good photo of him but, I know he would hate it being on the blog so you will just have to imagine it!
And yes my Sweety gave me flowers too. Which I was a bit of a surprise as he is picking up my combined Valentines/Birthday present on Friday. But my lips are sealed, better not jinx it!
I thought this little wall hanging fits the theme of Valentines Day, so I thought I would share it with you. I made it late last year, for a challenge at The Country Yard. You had to make an A4 size quiltlet, using the first letter of you name as inspiration & include the pale blue fabric.
As it happened that day I had the Beatles song 'All you need is Love' stuck in my head! So that is how I came up with this. I quilted hearts and the word Love all over this tiny quilt, and I'm really pleased how it turned out.
Check out the quilting blogs on the side bar today as they have some really nice Valentine Day posts.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Orewa Trip…

Well I went to ‘A Garden of Quilts’ an Exhibition by Ngaire Brooks today at Orewa, and there were big signs saying no photography, so sorry I can’t share any of the exhibition with you Sad smile.

But to prove we were there I took Sandy’s Photo outside Winking smile.004-qpr

We had a nice time at the exhibition, and then a relaxed lunch in Orewa before heading home. Orewa is very pretty a sea side town and when you are walking around the shops, the sea is just across the road.


It was very busy with lots of people out for Sunday brunch, so I had to wait a while to get this photo with no cars in it! Anyway hope you all had a great day too.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Show n Tell February 2010

Today's Show n Tell was Large! This was our first meeting back since the holidays, and I can see I was 'lazy' compared to you busy ladies! 

 A new Member Verity Baines made has gorgeous quilt for her daughters wedding.  John Nielsen  quilted it for her and check out the back below! Isn't that great fabric? And I love the use of more blocks on the back too. 



This little sampler quilt was made by Sonya Prchal. 


Lynne Wilson made this bag from a pattern in Down Under Quilts magazine, with fabric from the Fabric Barn's big sale.


'My Succulent Garden' by Lynne O'Donnell. The photos are tissue paper prints, & the wall hanging was started in Hazel Foot's Class last year. 


Margaret Linsay has been busy over the holidays and made two 'Turning Twenty' quilts. This blue one above and the orange and black one below.



Margaret also made this bag to take her cutting board to workshops. Margaret bought the fabric for this bag, and the black/orange fabric at the Wellington Symposium. I must confess I bought the same fabric but haven't done anything with them yet!


Now this was hard the photograph as it was on a table, so sorry the tails are cut off! 

'Celtic Peacocks' by Sue Gillard. Sue said these are a 'stop-go' project. It has been on her bedroom wall for about 9months, after she put it up for a 'quick' look! It is reverse applique.


This bag is made by Gaye Miller, she said there are more pockets for her to lose stuff in! I really like the frill.


On one of or hot days recently Gaye & her daughter had a sewing day and made these cushion covers as a gift for her sister. The one above was made by Gaye.


And this one is made by Gaye's daughter Jessica Fraser. 


And this one was made by Jessica's Nanny Lyn.


Donna Rowan recently moved up from Christchurch, and joined the club today. She bought several wonderful quilts to share with us. I really like how this strippy quilt above was quilted with circles and zig zags. 


Donna made this in a Class taken by Donna Ward.


This quilt of Donna's was very popular, as we all thought it was a great way of showcasing precious button, or keepsakes.


Here's a close up so you can see how each button is framed. 


Love the colours in this wall hanging. And I really liked the 'big stitch' hand quilting (detail below) done with embroidery  cotton  on this quilt made by Donna. 



Terri Mills printed her photo's of Russian Cathedrals onto silk to make this wall hanging.


And this is Terri's wall hanging made in Sonya's Silhouette/Fabric Painting Class.


Shirley Mellsop bought a pack of fat quarters at our Exhibition last year, and has made this table runner with them. This is Shirley's first quilt! Well done I'm sure it's the first of many.


'Maia's Doll Quilt'.Made by Shelia Ujdur for her grand daughter birthday. In the bag there are clothes for Maia to dress the dolls (like paper dolls). Close up below.



Petra Pilkington made this from Friends and Families donated Jeans. It will be raffled at the 'Rely for Life' (Cancer Society Fund Raiser). I love how she sewed the zips in the corner!



And finally I saw Lois Myshrall sewing on the binding of this quilt and said it had to be in show n tell. Hopefully she didn't feel too bullied!

We all love seeing each others work, so a BIG THANKS to everyone for  sharing.

I'm going to the quilt show in Orewa tomorrow so I better sign off now. But I'll take lots of photo's tomorrow too. Bye

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I had a few minutes to spare today before I picked up the teenager, so I popped into Bernina. I had a nice chat with Cushla & snapped that up this little box of 28 fat quarters reduced to $30. And before you ask, no I haven't worked out what I'm going to make with them yet!
They have a few specials at the moment, so go and check them out.

The shop is looking really good since all the changes they made last year. It has really opened up the space.
Here's some 'eye candy', doesn't fabric look lovely when it all tidy (note to self tidy my stash!)
And Bernina has a great range of wool now too. Aren't the baby jackets cute?
Remember Club Meeting is this Saturday, see you there.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My First Bullions!

Wish it was billions, hey I'd settle for millions (dollars that is!) but I'm talking about Bullions as in the embroidery stitch. 

I'm really pleased with these little roses I made using Bullion Stitch. I had a bit of a mental block about stitching Bullions, as I had been told how hard they were to make. Well that's wrong they were easy and fun.

This little crazy block is going to be a brooch when I'm done with it. Club members may remember me making some of these at the demo table at our last Exhibition. 

Here's a few photo's from the last batch (all sold) in case you didn't get to see them. Click on them for a closer look.

022-qpr 021-qpr

029-qpr 032-qpr

I have also been making a few Samplers of embroidery stitches, showing different ways you can use the same stitch and how different it makes them look. 


This one is for Chain Stitch.


And this one is Herringbone Stitch.

It's fun thinking what to do next to make the same stitch look different. These are only a few ideas the possibilities are endless I'm sure. 

The Samplers will be a good reference when I'm doing crazy stitching and need ideas. I have plans for more stitches and Samplers of combined stitches too. 

I'm enjoying a lovely peaceful house, only me home (and Oscar the Cat) as the teenager is finally back at school! Hope you are enjoying some peace and quiet too.


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