Monday, October 11, 2010

Affairs of the Heart Quilts

As part of Show and Tell on Saturday, we asked people who have made a quilt based on Aie Rossmann's 'Affairs of the Heart' quilt, to bring them in. It's interesting to see all the different settings and colour choices. I know there are a lot more out there, maybe they are still at the block stage, and thats why they didn't bring them? Here's some eye candy from the quilts that were shared.

Evalyne's is not finished, two more borders to come, but it looks fantastic. I really like the hot pink, and the black background really makes the colours glow.

This is Helen's quilt, she's peeking over the top of it! I really like how she has set a large block in the centre, and the outside border blocks on point.

Lynda teased everyone that she had finished her quilt long before everyone else! You can see why, there's only nine blocks. Lynda used only a few fabrics for a more controlled look, and found a wonderful batik to set them with.

Jane used a lot of hand dyed fabric in hers, and a straight set. I like how the dark inner border acts as a frame.

And this is mine, I framed my blocks with a pale yellow, and then straight set them too.


  1. It's always fun to see what everyone does with the same pattern--diffrent colors and settings. They are all gorgeous. I really like how you set off each block with a frame and that scroll work around the border is really neat. Thanks for sharing them all.

  2. Thanks for that Janet, the scroll work is stem stitch, using the same DMC thread that I used for the embroidery in the blocks. I really enjoyed doing all the hand stitching in this quilt.

  3. Leeann,
    Fantastic quilts!! Wonderful to see all the variations in the same post, too.
    Best Wishes,

  4. Thanks RETRO-fabulous. This is what I love about quilting. We can all start with the same pattern,but when finished they are always different.

  5. Those quilts are fantastic and it's wonderful to be able to compare the colour combinations, great post.

  6. BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for shaing the great pictures!

  7. These are beautiful quilts - something else to put on my to-do list! Isn't it neat all the different interpretations that come about?

  8. I really like what Helen did with the quilt as well. I am making this quilt as well. To be perfectly honest- I really don't like the border that the book suggests.


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