Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Part 2 Orca Bay Mystery Quilt

This is all I have managed of part 2 this week. I need to make 72 of these little units, they are only 3 1/2 inches. I'm not worried if I can't do them all this week I will catch up!
My link is number 101! So there are a lot of people doing this mystery, (this is only the people with blogs) think of the hundreds of people who are also doing the mystery that don't have blogs!

And this is why I'm kind of behind in my sewing. My eldest Son has returned home for a week before he moves to Sydney Australia. He was very proud of himself as he was able to pack all his worldly possessions into his Toyota Corolla. Now they are in my lounge! Oh well he flies out on the 5th so it has to be sorted by then.


  1. Cute blocks Leeann, happy days sewing and getting your lounge back!

  2. Oh lovely and scrappy Leeann. I bet you're enjoying your son even if he is invading your space!

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  4. You've made a start and the rest will follow. Enjoy your won while he occupies your home!!!!!

  5. I think that's what makes Bonnie's mysteries so much fun. We get to do it with other quilters from all over the world. Very cute blocks.

  6. Next step is out tomorrow - I am so excited. You can finish these blocks at any time later.


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