Friday, November 25, 2011

The Hobbit

I have been enjoying Junez Scrapz recent blog posts with photos from her son. If you haven't clicked though and had a look do so (link is on the sidebar too). He is working on The Hobbit movie, and has been sending marvellous photos to June of the scenery.

Today I was reading a story online about the sets for 'The Hobbit' & Professional Blogger Eric Vespe, who has been invited by Sir Peter Jackson to blog from the set.
Hobbit Hole, Matamata New Zealand. Photo by Eric Vespe, Ain't It Cool News.

I love the book The Hobbit, I remember one of my school a teachers (Mr Elgar I think!) reading it aloud to the class. He would stop at the end of each chapter and our homework that night was to write a page or two on what happened next. We would read our versions aloud the next day. Some were close to the book, some we thought more fun, and others well there has to be a donkey in most things!  But it was a great way to get us kids wanting write.

Anyway in case you are a fan like me I thought you might like to read  Eric Vespe's blog posts. 
As I have been to most of the 'locations' (long before they were taken over by Hobbits), I really enjoyed seeing these familiar landscapes turned into a mythical middle earth.

Here's links to the first couple of posts, from the set of The Hobbit.

If you want to read more use 'unexpected journey' in's search box. 

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