Monday, November 14, 2011

Show & Tell, November 2011

Well it was another busy meeting last Saturday!
We had Kerry Glen of Tulis visiting as a merchant. Kerry also showed us a few versions of the quilt she will teach in a class next year. Sorry I didn't get photos of that as it was dark in the hall (some problem with the lights)
Anyway I did get photos of the clubs show and tell. Some of the photos aren't the best as I had to use a flash which washed out the quilt colours a bit. But I'm sure you will still enjoy having a look at it anyway.  :-)

Jennifer Cullen made this beautiful quilt called 'Coffee & Cream'.

'Baby Bargello' by Marie Finegan, quilted by Sandy Robinson.

Petra Pilkington was asked to make this for a friends baby. She found it interesting to use fabric that someone else had picked. It's not her usual colours or style but she likes it!

Bag (with lime lining) by Hazel Phillps,
this is another version of the bag she made last month as the pattern was so fun to make. 

Doll by Sue Gillard. This is the first doll she has made and had fun learning to paint the face. 

Maureen Jackson made this bag from a kit she bought at the Hamilton Craft Fair.

'Ferry on the Mersey' photo printed on fabric, quilted by Marie Finegan.

By Petra Pilkington, as well as tea bags Petra has used washers & beads.
Click on the photo to see more details. Petra drew all the bugs herself too.
Another smaller version made by Petra Pilkington.

Shelia Udjur made this bags from 5" squares from her stash.

'Crab Apples' by Shirley Julian, the result of Jacqui Karl's recent class

'Bugs' byTerri Mills. Terri started this in a recent class with Mary Transom.

Marie Finegan made this placemat for her four year old granddaughter.

Shirley Olsen started this about ten years ago when she was first a member at WP&Q.
She said she is pleased to have it finished!  

Sue Gillard made this quilt for her 9 year old grandson. He's fascinated by Stars & Space. 
Sue bought the fabric from The Country Yard, the stars on the fabric glow in the dark!  

Opps can't find the details for this little stitchery, 
please someone leave me a comment or email me so I can add a name to  it!

Robyn Halverson painted black fabric with bleach (discharged) to make this image.  

Shirley Julian embellished this wallhanging with copper shim flowers.

Tric Carter made this beautiful Stain Glass Table Runner. 

Helen Barnes made this wall hanging from a kit she purchased from Tulis.

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  1. A great variety of quilts Leeann - thanks for taking the time to post and share them.


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