Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I’ve been making Flags….

Well not really but that's what it looks like coming out the back of the sewing machine!

I've decided to join in doing Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt Orca Bay. I've put a button to take you to Bonnie's instructions in my side bar, if you'd like to join or just have a look to see what it's all about.

Heres's the flags I was talking about!
I decided to sew this in the lounge so that I can look out the window, and watch TV in between. I love how this is so easy to do with my Sewezi table. Here in New Zealand we are going into Summer so the weathers good, so there's no snow outside my window!

Look at the circle the flags formed on the floor.
I was lucky that Oscar the cat was having his afternoon nap on the spare bed, so he didn't want to play with all these flags. I'm sure they would look very tempting for a cat! And before anyone asks, YES that is half a Lamington cake on my plate! I should have hidden the evidence before I took the photo  ;-)
EDIT: Lamingtons are sponge cake dipped in chocolate icing (or red jelly for the pink ones), then rolled in coconut. You can cut them in half and add jam and cream too. Mine was a bought one which was nice but nothing on the chocolate ones my Mum used to make for Birthdays etc when I was a kid.

On the left this is what the flags make.
You see those triangles that won't match up, well I feed one thru the sewing machine upside down! No big deal I just sewed a new partner for it and moved on! (I then made sure that I feed all my pieces the same way up thru the machine!)

Progesss! I only have to make 224 hour glass units! Can you see these rulers on the left? Bonnie recommends them for the mystery, so I decided to get them. I had to order them from Australia as I couldn't find them for sale in New Zealand at all.   :-(
So far I really happy with them, but you can do the mystery without them, so don't let that put you off if you would like to join in.

OK this is what 224 little hour glass units looks like. I clipped all my dog ears off last night while watching the Leaders Debate ( New Zealand's General Election is this Saturday ). See all the dog ears filled up a cup!

The next clue of Orca Bay is out on Friday, so come and see how I'm getting on!

Use this link to check out the other people with blogs that are doing Orca Bay.



  1. Oh, Leann, what a pretty pile of hourglasses!! You're making good progress!

    Don't you just love Bonnie's mysteries? I think she's the best quilty-thing on the web.

    Your little evidence of snack makes me laugh. I often have a stash of salt-water taffy beside my sewing table. Nothing like stiching and munching.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Do you find that the Sewezi table gives you enough room to work? I have looked at them several times but hesitated because they seemed small. It might be worth the tradeoff of size to get a table where the sewing machine sets flush.

    My trimmed dogears go into a wicker wastebasket beside my sewing table, which is a terrible choice because the little pieces work through the wicker and end up on the carpet! Note to self: get trash can liners at the market this week.

    By the way, I don't know what a Lamington cake is but it looks delicious!

  3. Like Calico Quilter I am now wondering about a sew ezi table.
    I see you have identification on your Bernina. I do too as there are so many around when at a class, it is a good idea. I also name all my cords etc too.

  4. Great start on the first clue, you're keeing up! Your Lamington cake looks like a raspberry flavored Hostess Twinkie, I love em!

    I bought a Sew-Ezi table a couple years go to take to workshops. I really like it, I find it has just enough room for my cutting board.

  5. Gorgeous blocks. I have not had a Lamington in a long time. Really enjoy them also. Enjoy your summer.

  6. Love the little circle your 'flags' have made!
    Well Kerryn and I have ordered our rulers from the same place you did, so by the time we get them you will have started the next step!!
    Not a race, not a race....that's my mantra!

  7. All those doggie ears....think of that times how many more cups you will clip before the end of this quilt! That's why Bonnie says whack them off, I bet it adds weight (as well as of course the bulk) to the quilt. I've got 75 QST units done so far...

    Gina in Missouri, USA

  8. Wow, your Orca Bay units look perfect! And you are already done. Friday with the next clue will come soon...

  9. Congrats on getting them all done. I loved the picture of your flags going into the circle :)

  10. Your blocks look great. Is that a Bernina 1130, if so that is what I have too, I've had it for probably 25 years, and it still thinks it's a youngster. I would love to have a sew-ezi table, sounds like you'd recommend it.

  11. Looks like you are having fun with this Leeann... I'm a spectator this time, but will be watching everyone's progress with interest!

  12. So cool...I want to make flags now!

  13. Sewezi tables are the best! I've decided to pass on Orca Bay at the moment. Maybe in January. :-)

  14. So nice and neat and cute too!

  15. Your photos look fantastic and I must check out the Sewezi table.
    Did you buy it in Australia ?


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