Monday, December 5, 2011

Orca Bay Part 3

Well part 3 was making 350 half square triangle in black and neutral! Here they are all sewn, in a heap waiting to be pressed. I used the Easy Angle ruler to cut them as Bonnie recommends, and found it easy and the units sewed up accurately.. yaaaayyy!

I sewed these blocks as I watched eldest Son decide what to take to Australia and what to leave behind. Not something I could do for him, but I kept him company, and was there when he asked what I thought.
We dropped him off at the bus to Auckland airport this morning, with over weight bags, extra money to pay for them, and a packed lunch! I cried, couldn't help it, but I did try not to.

I left the pressing till I came home. I knew I'd like something mindless to do when I came home.
It has been good to have this mystery to do, has given me something else to think about.

Here's all 350 of my half square triangles pressed and sorted into piles of like squares.
See in the background left over blue strips from my string blocks? I got a bit carried away with cutting blue strips, oh well if they don't go into this quilt they can go into a log cabin I have started.

And here are all the blue string blocks (72) finished from part 2 of the mystery.

It's still not too late if you'd like to join in. Use this link to see all the details of Orca Bay on Bonnie's blog.
Bonnie is having another 'linky' of  blogger's who are doing the mystery , so go and check them out. There are lots of people doing different colour ways.
Last week it got up to 125 blogs linking up! I wonder if there will be more this time.

And I thought I'd show you these fat quarters that my eldest picked out for me, before he left Hamilton. I had a voucher but couldn't get there to use it, so I asked him to pick some fabric for me. He was a bit nervous about picking out fabric, but I said I'd be happy with anything. He did well, I like them all.


  1. oooh I'm drooling over those blues and greens...yummmmy fabrics there Leeann!

  2. Maybe I should persevere with the easy angle - I do them larger than cut them back - your quarter inch seam looks a trifle larger than mine though I use the 37 foot on my Bernina. I tried the easy angle when I did the florabunda from Bonnie's blog but it wasn't a complete success. Hmmm, more practice needed.....

  3. I chickened out of doing the mystery, but it certainly looks interesting - and I shall wait in anticipation of your results, which look lovely so far. Interesting what blokes choose fabric wise - maybe not exciting, but definately useable.

  4. I used the easy angle too, I like it although I haven't tried the other methods. Part of me thinks if 'it ain't broke don't fix it' lol. Your strings and your HSTs are gorgeous. Your son did a wonderful job at picking the fabric. Every one is a winner.

  5. Gorgeous blocks and so neat and tidy. So far all the steps have been easy. I guess things will hot up down the line.

  6. Great progress on Orca Bay, your blocks look wonderful :) I cried when each of my kids left too. Mom's always wear their hearts on their sleeve, no matter how hard we try not to show it, but that's a good thing :) Your son picked out those fabrics, WOW, he did a great job.

  7. I'm using the Easy Angle ruler too....I'm about half way done. Your son picked out some beautiful fabrics that go together so well!

  8. looking great leeann! I have finished, just got to post about it, life has gone crazy here!

  9. Your blocks look great! You are right...sewing these blocks is the best way to put your mind at ease.

  10. your blocks are terrific! and i'm glad you gave your son extra money...he can buy some fabric as a well deserved gift for you!

  11. Love your pictures, it shows just how much work goes into quilting. Lovely blocks, I really like the colors in your string blocks.

  12. I love your black and white hst's! I may have to make a whole quilt of those sometime. Safe travels to your son.


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