Sunday, November 20, 2011

Country Dawn’s New Store Opening

Country Dawn opened their new store at 17 Gladstone St, Dargaville yesterday.
I was asked along by one of my quilting friends, (she was on the hunt for border fabrics for 2 quilts). My friend found just what she wanted, on the sales table too, score!
Of course I couldn't resist buying some sale fabric too. I have been trying not to buy fabric for the last year or so, as I do need to use my stash but sometimes you just have too buy something.....if you are a quilter you will know what I mean! ;-)

Anyway I thought you might like to see a couple of photos of the store, just quick snaps. Above is just one corner of the large front room of the store. There is a large back room too, with great natural light that they are going to use for classes.

Busy busy busy, there were a lot of quilters at the opening and the staff were running around returning bolts of fabrics to the shelves, after cutting fabric.
In this photo I managed to snap Sue & Chrissie of Country Dawn. They were very busy running about so it was just luck to get them together in this photo. Sue has the cute polka dot shoes and Chrissie has the strappy sandals.


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