Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Visit to Material Obession

While I was in Sydney I made a 'pilgrimage' to  Material Obsession quilt shop. I have read Kathy's blog and been a fan since her first book a few years ago.

I had looked up how to get there months before our trip and had worked out there was a ferry wharf a couple of blocks down the road. I didn't re-check that info before we set out on an extremely hot day to find the shop. Long story short the ferry wharf down  the road was now only visited by private ferries not the public one we got on :-(

So we went to the next stop and then had to walk quite a way, up hill to a bus stop. (Did I tell you it was really really hot!) When we got on the bus the air conditioning was working so hard it was dripping. So we sat in the bus and were rained on, sooo funny after walking in the heat. Lucky the shop has a bus stop right outside, so there wasn't another long walk.

Finally here, quilts outside to welcome us!

One of the rooms full of colourful fabrics, I wish I had bought more fabric but I was worried about our luggage being overweight on the way home.

Fabric I bought, I loved this zigzag print and bought it in two colours, I thinking of  using them as borders

Close up of the quilting on one of the quilts on display. I love how it is hand quilted with variegated embroidery  thread. I especially like how the thread is knotted on the outside.

Kathy Doughty

I had a lovely talk with Kathy, she was very friendly, but I have to admit I was a bit 'Starstuck' and forgot to ask if I could get a photo with her. So I've nicked her photo from her blog to add here.

If you are a follower of the Material Obsession blog you will have read that Kathy has just had surgery for breast cancer, so please send positive thoughts her way.

After reading Kathy's post I stopped procrastinating, and had my first mammogram this morning. I'm glad to say to didn't hurt at all.


  1. It looks like a beautiful shop - worth all the hassle? And I'm glad you stopped procrastinating.

  2. That fabric would feel like gold in your hand, and the lovely hand stitching, suits the design perfectly. Cheers from Jean

  3. The fabrics are lovely Leeann, I am looking forward to seeing these in the borders of a project. No pressure!
    Good on you for getting over your procrastinating - I still am. That particular thing along with a few others are on my to-do list.

  4. Cool pilgrimage.......well worth it by the sounds. Wow I like the hand quilted piece too, very cool with the visible knots.

  5. That quilt shop looks amazing! Your fabric choices are delicious!

  6. Ikea and MO!! (excuse me while I wipe the drool) - are you sure you couldn't have squeezed me into your bags before you left?


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