Friday, February 15, 2013

Google Visit

Our Eldest Son Mark is a Software Engineer at Google in Sydney, so he invited us to tour the office, and have lunch with him.
Here’s Hubby and I under the Google sign on the ground floor. Mark nicknamed his Dad the ‘Mexican Bandit’ during this trip because of his tourist look of crossing bag straps.

Here’s us all in front of the reception desk on the fifth floor. The wall behind the desk is covered with real ferns etc. When we first arrived two gardeners were tending to it. 

This is the building from the outside. It’s on the Darling Harbour, Pyrmont Bay, so it has a lovely view. Where the building steps in at the top is a large deck, we had our lunch up there and enjoyed the view of the CBD, and the Ferries coming and going.

After the tour, Mark took us down to the basement to see the electric cars. Mark said they are fun to drive,and can go into really small spaces easily.
He went to the Sydney University to talk about Google recently and parked inside their reception area. He could because, being electric they have no fumes, and don’t drop oil etc.

When leaving Google we noticed across the road at the Star Casino they where laying red carpet for the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts, awards. I thought it would probably be my only chance to ever be on a red carpet, so got Hubby to take my photo. Note the guy in the background photo bombing me. Hilarious!

We forgot to go back later and get some photos of ‘real’ stars, only remembered when we put the TV on when we returned to the apartment late that night and saw some of the awards being given out. ‘The Sapphires’ movie won a lot of awards. If you haven’t seen it  you should as it’s a really funny movie.

Here’s me with one ‘Star’ anyway. Leo was a little bit stand offish, but I think that’s what wax does to you Smile

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  1. Love the photo bomb! And Leo looks a little worried - maybe he thinks he's going to melt in the aussie heat?


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