Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Show n Tell February 2013

Last Saturday was the first Quilt Club meeting for the year, it was nice to chat with friends I haven't seen for a while and enjoy the company. Visitors are welcome so if you are in Whangarei when a meeting is on, do pop in and join us. Next meeting will be on Saturday the 9th of March 12.30pm onwards, Maunu School Gym, Austin Rd, Whangarei.

Helen Barron made this 'Crumb Quilt' after being inspired by the blog Jo's Country Junction, check out the link to Jo's Crumb Along if you would like to make one too.

Close up of all the little leftovers and crumbs that make up Helen's quilt.

'Scrappy Memories' by Tess Harris. Tess said the quilt is made entirely from her stash. She did not buy a thing! Some of the fabrics date back to 1978.

Close up of Tess's quilt.
She showed us the backing fabric, a Laura Ashley print.
I remember my mother making me sun dresses from Laura Ashley prints in the seventies, they were the best dresses ever (at the time!) I even think Mum may have made matching dresses for herself too :-)

"Sometimes simple is best, a teenagers snuggle rug, made under their supervision!" made by Sandy Robinson.
For a teenager who knows what they want (quilt wise anyway!) The fabrics are a textured minky, very nice to touch.

Disappearing Nine Patch made by Hazel Phillips.

Sue Gillard has been busy making these blocks. A friend who knew she would never get round do doing it, gifted the pattern and fabrics to Sue. She is making good progress 7 down, 6 more to go!

Made by Dorothy Terpstra. The centre of the blocks are fussy cut from a Dutch souvenir tea towel. The other fabrics were sent to Dorothy by her Sister-in-law in Holland.

Wall hanging made by Gaylyn Barclay. Machine embroidered photo on fabric, permafill frame decorated with dried grasses and seed pods. Inspired by a class taken with Robyn at Itch to Stitch Bernina, Whangarei.

The green fabric was given to Lynne Wilson by the 'house girl' who works for her Son in Vanuatu. It was part of a traditional thank you gift. Lynne made placemats and a table cloth from the fabric.

Sue Gillard made these baby shoes and toys. They will be on sale at 'The Bach' in the town basin.

Jenny Gough designed and stitched her Mothers sayings while she was travelling around the USA last year.

Did your Mother say this too?
Mmmm.. my Dad went to see a man about a dog lots too.

What was the saying your Mother said that you remember most?
I remember mine saying "A blind man would be pleased to see it" which was no help at all!
But she did make me Laura Ashley dresses, so I'll forgive her! Did you have dresses made of Laura Ashley fabrics or maybe curtains? I thought I was Laura Ingalls when I wore my dresses, I so loved watching 'Little House on the Prairie'.


  1. My mum used to say "go and tell your father he wants you" - which we used to do of course!

  2. Back in the 80's we used to wait for the Laura Ashley sales where you could buy their dressmaking fabric for £1.99 / m. I used to have a production line making bright, floral trousers and would wear them until they were threadbare at the knee, when they would be turned into shorts! Happy Days.

  3. "Eat your crusts so your hair will curl".....I've been eating crusts & I don't have curls....does that mean my mother was a liar?
    Little House on the Prairie is wonderful. I always wanted to be Caroline when I grew up, of course Charles would be my husband!

  4. I love the crumb quilt. I have one started, inspired by Jo's Country Junction, also. It is so wild how the internet has influenced us, all over the world. We wouldnt know each other if not.


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