Friday, February 8, 2013


I didn’t do much shopping in Sydney, it was more about sight seeing and visiting Mark, but we did go to Ikea. Both Hubby & I wanted to check it out as we don’t have Ikea stores in New Zealand.

They have a fabric department! Here’s me just after I have cut the fabric I’m buying.It felt a bit naughty cutting the fabric yourself, but this is how they do it at Ikea. You take your cut fabric to an assistant who weighs it, and a sticker is printed out with price and barcode on it for the checkout.
PS: I haven't cut off my hair, it's in a ponytail.

I’m planning to maybe make a bag with this fabric. I then noticed their sample tote bags on the wall and it was like yes that what I’m thinking Winking smile

Also in the fabric department I spotted this little machine. It’s full size not a toy, I wonder how well it sews? The price is a bargain if it sews well.

There were several floors (I can’t remember how many, maybe 4)

Here’s the boys in a display room.

Ha-ha I love the sign!
You could pick up small items as you went around but with the bigger items you just noted down the item number.

Of course we had lunch at their restaurant, I had their swedish meatballs and lingonberry jam, yum.

Near the checkout now, this is were you use a computer to look up the item numbers of the bigger items you want to buy, to work out which aisle the flat pack boxes are in.

There were heaps of aisles, it reminded me of the warehouse in ‘Indiana Jones’.

It was a fun way to spend a rainy day, I just wish I could have bought some big items home with me, but I'll just have to hope they open an Ikea in New Zealand one day.


  1. Wow - that sure looks exciting! Bet you weren't expecting to see fabric there - and fancy cutting your own fabric too!

    Did you ask when the store is coming to New Zealand?

  2. that would be strange cutting your own fabric! Cute, with your hair in a pony.

  3. I have never been to an Ikea. I have lusted after some furniture I have seen online friends get there.
    Cutting your own fabric would be great

  4. I think I'd just like to live there... you know... inside the Ikea shop. Do you think they would mind? Was that the only fabric you bought? It looks gorgeous, look forward to seeing the bag once you are home again.

  5. I'm so with you! That is: feeling naughty cutting your own fabric, and wanting an Ikea in NZ! We visited one is Brisbane and I fell in love (which is odd considering I'm really not a shopping kinda girl). Hope all that fabric didn't put your luggage over weight.

  6. Nice story: little girl in big city!!! So they do have IKEA down under. We in Europe are so accustomed to it. I even was in their shop in IKEA's motherland Sweden. Then you get the nice language for free too!!


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