Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Still no sewing…..

But the last week has been a busy one. My Baby has gone off to University, so we have an empty nest, and some adjusting to do!

Hubby took Brad down to Hamilton last week (there was no room in the car with all of Brad’s stuff for me to go too).
From the hall looking in. 
Empty shelves and desk, in the new room
Brad is lucky to be in one of the buildings that has just been totally gutted, and remodelled with all new flooring, furniture, bigger beds, more power points, better internet connections etc etc.
It will be interesting to see his room once he has unpacked all his stuff
Will all his clothes fit in the wardrobe? 
from outside, Brad is on the 4th floor.
I spent the rest of the week here in Whangarei, sorting out Brads old room into a guest room. The fold out bed/couch & two extra mattresses that were crammed into the room for extra teenage guests, have been donated to the Hospice Shop.
What was the hurry for all this sorting, cleaning & tidying? Well my Brother came up from New Plymouth  to pick up a beach buggy he had bought, and stayed the weekend with us.
I thought it would be nicer if the room was more adult than teenager party room.
Me, my Brother & his Girlfriend, with the Buggy 
It was lovely spending time with my Brother and meeting his Girlfriend. Hopefully they will come back soon and spend some more time with us.

Here’s the Boys after they took the buggy for a drive around the Rally Car Track on Pohe Island. Apparently the buggy goes quite well when skidding sideways!


  1. Wow, lots of changes. I am sure Brad will settle very quickly into his room and make it his own.
    What a fantastic opportunity to catch up with your brother and his girlfriend and the buggy looks like a whole lot of fun!
    I haven't got any sewing done either lately but probably next week will see some action in that area.

  2. I've just done the same with my first, Leeann *sniff* She is studying in Hamilton. I think I need to get her a camera so she can take pics.


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