Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pike River Mine Tragedy

The whole Country is mourning the loss of 29 Miners from Pike River Mine. We were all hoping for a miracle but it was not to be. 

If you haven't heard about it go here to read about it. Pike River Mine.

If you would like to do something to help, you can. Below is a letter from Shirley Goodwin who is co-ordinating the making of quilts for the Miners families. 

Dear quilting friends,

You may be aware that New Zealand has suffered a major mining disaster at Pike River mine on the west coast of the South Island, resulting in the deaths of 29 miners. Many of these miners had young families. One was soon to be a father. Like many New Zealanders, I am sharing the pain of the families of the miners. And like many, I have thought about what I could do to help.

I am part of Kiwiquilters, an email group for New Zealand quilters. We have a tradition, as do other quilting groups, of making Healing Hearts quilts for members and their families or friends who are suffering personal tragedy or serious illness. I have asked the group, and other quilting groups around the country, to contribute heart blocks to make into quilts for the miner’s families, and I will assemble and co-ordinate these.

Please consider making a block or several blocks for this cause. It doesn't matter that you don't know the people involved - neither do I. The love and support from strangers that is embodied in these quilts is something tangible that the families can get comfort from for years.

Shirley Goodwin

Here are the block details if you want to make some:-

- - Cream background – calico is fine

- - 6 ½” unfinished size (so they will be 6” finished)

- - Pieced or appliquéd heart or hearts

- - Any colours or patterns for the hearts. Some of the quilts will be for children, so children’s fabrics are fine too.

Send Blocks to:
Shirley Goodwin
51 Charles St
Rangiora 7400
New Zealand

She is also happy to receive any quilt tops or completed quilts too, so check out Shirley's Blog as she is updating it with more details all the time.

PS: I think its nice to sign the blocks with a name and town (country if not from NZ) so the families can see people from all over the country & world are thinking of them.


  1. Are you making some Leeann? I am.

  2. Yes I'm making some, will add a photo to post soon.

  3. I will be making a block (or 2) and get them sent right away - coming from the U.S. could take awhile. Thank you for posting this.

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  5. I was feeling sick today and then everyone went to a Hanukkah party tonight and that started me on the 'pity party'. BUT I got out my fabric and made up some hearts and I feel much better :-) Funny how that happens. Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate in this. I'll get them in the post tomorrow
    Jerusalem, Israel

  6. Hadassah, I Hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for making some hearts, I'm sure the families will appreciate them.


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