Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Party at Spotlight

Last night I went to my local Spotlight store for their Christmas Party. (Spotlight is a craft/home decor chain store, in Australia & New Zealand) The staff dressed up, there was cake, a lucky draw for a sewing machine, demonstrations, xmas music, and specials. 

An Elf and Santa, happily posed for me.

This lady doing the cake decorating made it look easy! 

This staff member is knitting a beaded purse. She was using the finest knitting needles I have ever seen. You have to thread all the beads onto the thread first, before you knit these little bags. Here's what they look like finished.

This was my favourite costume of the night. Just check out the note she had pinned to her rear. (Click on the photo to enlarge it. The writing not the rear!) 


And this is my bargain of the night. All the DMC threads where only 79 cents each. So I got some rayons, variegated, and metallics. They are usually between $2-$4 each so I was very pleased.  

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  1. Those beaded purses are amazing. It looks like you had fun - was the DMC really all you came away with?


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