Monday, November 8, 2010

The Other Life!

Someone asked me the other day if I do anything other than quilting and the blog! Yes I do have another life! Since there seems to be doubts out there, I thought I'd show you what else has been going on. 

Number one Son who has just turned 20, has landed a cool job in Sydney Australia for the University holidays. He leaves next week. Very proud of him and happy about job, but I will miss him. This will be our first Christmas without him. Here's some photo's of where he's going.

This is the cafeteria, it's free for employees, so I know he will be fed! 

People at work, nice view out the window, the office is on the habour. Have you guessed where yet?

Okay this photo should give it away!

And see I have been addicted to something else longer than I've been to quilting! I have been married to Stephen now for 21 years! Gee I'm getting old.

Maybe this is why I'm still married? This is what Stephen did when he had some free time on a business trip to Wellington last week. He found this fabric shop and bought....

...these fabrics. What a sweety, he rang me and asked what I wanted, I said some neutrals. If you look hard there is one cream neutral in the centre. He said he thought the others were more interesting! You got to love them... I really like the butterflies.    :-) 


  1. Congrats all around - 21 years is awesome, and your son's new job sounds great! The new fabrics are lovely, too - I am especially partial to orange AND bees - so that one jumped out at me. Any chance you can share the maker on that one? I wonder if it is available in the US, as I have never seen it.

  2. The bee fabric can be found at

    There are lots of interesting fabrics there have fun.

  3. Wow! You are one lucky woman...a husband who willingly goes into a fabric store is a rare man, indeed! ;-)

    I agree with him, prints are much more interesting, but we couldn't do without the neutrals.

    Congratulations on your anniversary, too!

    Connie - Boise, Idaho

  4. Thanks Connie I read your comment to hubby, he thinks he's a super hero now!

  5. What fun fabrics. I think the sewing implements could work as a neutral looks light enough in your photo.
    We visited New Zealand in 2000, and were very impressed with the beauty and the friendly people. If we ever had to leave the U.S., New Zealand would be our first choice!

  6. That's hilarious - if my husband did that - he would come back with similar.. anything BUT neutrals - most likely anything with Aliens, Fireworks, or anything "psychedelic" looking. LOL

  7. Well It's sounds like you should keep your him your loved stash!
    Ok looks like your experiment might be working!!!:-)

  8. The one with the sewing notions on it is a neutral! :-)

  9. If you stretch your imagination far enough, the pretty one on the right might work as a neutral.

  10. Yes Katie & Michelle it could be a neutral, is a tad darker in real life, it was just so funny when I opened it! Don't worry I didn't complain as I don't want to put him off buying fabric. ;-)

  11. the scissor print with the cream background I would use! Also...the smaller butterfly print at the very top of the pic! (Can't tell if it's a blue or white background on my monitor)

    My neutrals have "STUFF" on them...not just the tone on tone plain jane all one color, barely a texture stuff! :cD


  12. I have been married for 21 years to a "keeper" as well. He scouts out quilt stores when we go on a trip and often drives out of our way to find a nice quilt store for me to shop in! He can tell by the websites whether the store will have fabrics that will appeal to me. I love the fabrics your husband picked out for you! I have a couple of them in my stash!

  13. I love it when men choose fabrics! They see things differently than we women do. I also love that scissor print and would put that in my 'neutral' stash for sure!


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