Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bramble Cottage's Show

Last Sunday I went to Bramble Cottage's Show. Bramble Cottage is a quilt shop here in Whangarei, they do a lot of classes and each year have a show of customers work. 

This little wall hanging 'Funky Houses' caught my eye. It was made by Alison McRae

This lovely big bed quilt is called 'Black Opal' what a cool name! It's made by Jan Bartleet and quilted by John Neilsen of the 'Quilt Fairies'

Paula Hatley made this one it's called 'My Aotearoa'. 

Here's a close up so you can see it's made with New Zealand prints.

This is Sabine Muller's first quilt. Samplers are a great way to learn a lot of different techniques. Sabine also machine quilted this herself. Well done and welcome to the addiction/obsession of quilting!

Caroline Dunn made this bag as a birthday gift for her friend Paula. 

The small hexagons in a diamond shape is a 'Work in Progress'. Rose Silvester is making a king single bed quilt from them. She said it's not something done quickly! The small hexagons are about an inch across, and are english paper pieced.

Here's a couple of wide photo's of the show. 

It's a small show but well worth going to, I had a lovely time talking to the ladies, and found it quite hard to pick my viewers choice. In the end I went with Paula Hatley's 'My Aotearoa' (left in the photo above) as it was very graphic and the black made all the NZ prints glow.


  1. Looks like some great quilts on display...thanks for sharing with those who couldn't make it.

  2. Love those NZ fabrics. The show looks lovely, I like the way the quilts are on beds etc rather than all on the walls.

  3. We all enjoy looking at pictures from show, thanks very much. My viewer's choice would be the same as yours, just love those NZ fabrics, especially with the black.


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