Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Charity Block for December Meeting

The block to make this month is a Diamond in a Square. Make as many as you like and bring to the Xmas Meeting.

Cut a 6-7/8 (six and seven eighths) inch square in a dark blue fabric. And cut two, 5-1/2 (five and a half) inch squares in light blue.

Cut the light blue squares in half on the diagonal.

I laid two of the light blue triangles on opposite sides of the dark blue square, right sides together. (To get them in the right place I folded them in half and finger pressed them to find the centres, then pinned them together on that finger pressed mark).

Then I sewed down the long side of both light blue triangles.

NB: The light blue triangles will hang over the end on the dark blue square. (see photo above)

Okay if you didn't understand that ramble, I hope you can see what happened in the photo above. After I have sewn the two triangles onto the square, I have folded them back and finger pressed the seams. (seam is pressed towards the light fabric)

Then I find my centres again on the other sides of the dark square, and the centres of the long sides of the last two light blue triangles. I put a pin through the centres, and sewed these last two seams.

Then I folded back the triangles and pressed the finished block. Don't trim your blocks, in case they need any tweaking later when we put the charity quilts together.

This is the 'plan' for the blocks you are making. We're going to put them together with the nine patch blocks we made in October.

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