Sunday, March 21, 2010

Western Quilters Circle 25th Anniversary Show

Last Friday Fiona, Maria and I went on a quilters day out to Auckland, to see "Quilts Across the Ranges" the Western Quilters Circle 25th Anniversary Show. First we had to drop Fiona's Mother off in Otahuhu, then find our way back to Kelston for the show. As I moved into the front seat, Fiona said I was now the navigator and handed me the map. Mmmm... was now the time to say that sometimes I get right and left confused?? Anyway was ok for a while, and then Maria in the back seat took the map and got us there. Thank you Maria!

The Quilt Show was really good and we had a hard time picking Viewers Choice. We also managed to spend some money with the merchants, and on raffles.

On the way home we stopped at the quilt shop in Warkworth (Alisons Nimble Fingers) for a little more retail therapy. It's a great shop, small but it has an incredible range of products. Well worth a look.

Then it was home to Whangarei, testing the shock absorbers on Fiona's car, over the road works and rumble strips. (Just to make sure we were awake) Fiona said! :-)


  1. WOW what an amazing bunch of lovely photos. Almost made me feel like I was standing in front of some of those fabulous quilts.
    Love your blog cheers KA

  2. I would be overwhelmed to see all those lovely quilts in person. I always have a hard time choosing viewers choice. EQ7

  3. Such beautiful quilts I'd have a hard time choosing. Lots of roadworks here causing major traffic jams - all in preparation for world cup soccer next month EQ7


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