Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Meeting 2010

Wow what a great meeting we had today. Our guest speaker was Anne Juddery from the Whangarei Museum. The textiles she bought to show us were very interesting and real treasures. We all should make a trip to the Museum, as there are many more wonderful pieces there that are too fragile for her to bring. I like what she said about us making the treasures of tomorrow. 

                                   Sadly Linda Thornton was a visitor to club for the last time today. She and husband Andy are off again on their sailing boat Coromandel Quest (picture below). She showed us her latest Journal Quilts with a NZ theme. The idea of making these small quilts is to capture the essence of the places/events as they sail around the world. It has been wonderful having Linda as part our group. I look forward to reading updates, of their exciting travels on their website Coromandel Quest.   We are all very lucky to have spent some time with her and hopefully some of her passion for life has rubbed off on us all. 


I'll write more tomorrow about the rest of the meeting



  1. How nice that your group brings in speakers. EQ7

  2. Love Linda's mini quilts EQ7


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