Monday, March 15, 2010

Quilters on Harleys

Sandy Lang and her sister Leonie Olsen arrived in style to our march quilting meeting. Sandy had this Harley Trike specially made for her. It doesn't just look impressive, it sounds it too. I'd forgotton the deep rumble these bikes make, until it was time for them to leave. I'm thinking my Camry's not so cool! Are there other NZ quilters with Harley's?  

Below is only other quilter I know of who has a Harley. American Quilter Ricky Tims.(Convergence Quilts, Rhapsody Quilts)


  1. Quilting and riding Harleys. What more could we need. :)

    Design a great day,
    Janet M. Davies - New Zealand

  2. Just more proof that quilters are cool. EQ7

  3. Trike Harley! wow, they really do ride in style.Bet they draw a crowd! Its gorgeous. EQ7


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