Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Public Library

Did you know the Whangarei Library has heaps of quilting books? Over 200 when I did a search. That was using quilting in the search box, but try other things like patchwork,textiles and embroidery etc, and you will find more again.

The only problem is everytime I went to the library, the books I wanted were out, or at another branch. So I now order them online using the library website.

Its really easy to use their website, and when you search the catalogue a picture of the book is shown too. (see above) You can request books on the website and the library will sent you an email (if they have your email address) or a letter to say come and pick them up. You can even ask them to buy a book, and then you get it first!

A tip for using the search, if you want to see the newest books, sort them by "Publication date" (see picture below), it's on top right hand side of the catalogue search. Then you will have to go to the last page as they a listed from oldest to newest.

If you have favourite authors, check out their websites to see when their next book is coming out. You can then request it from library, before the library buys it, and be the first or second to get the book. I do this for the crime and mystery novels I read it's great.

These books are usually "best sellers" that you hire for $2 or $3, but the library always has another copy of the same book for free borrowing. SO when you are requesting a very popular book just be careful to request the free one.


  1. How nice of you to remind people of the libraries services. EQ7

  2. Our system is not so sophisticated and the quilting section has about 18 books and I've read them all EQ7


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