Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nine Patch Blocks

My sewing group has been swapping 4.5" nine patch blocks (see some above). I have been thinking about what I'm going to do with them all. There's 2 sets of 120 blocks, one in brights and the other muddy colours. Each set will be made into a different quilt. I'd like to set them with an alternate block. So have come up with the ideas below. What does everyone out there think? Write me a comment telling what you think. Or suggest something different, all ideas welcome. Leeann

Four X block (3 colours)

Snowball Blocks

1/2 sq Triangles

Four X Blocks (2 colours)

With 1/2 Sq Triangles

to look like Friendship Stars


  1. LOVE 9 Patch blocks there is so much you can do with them. They are also a goos choice when making raffle quilts.


  2. Hi Tizart, did you like any of those options, or I just do a plain alternate square?

  3. Love the blog Leeann - well done :)
    Also love your 9-patch blocks - our group did a similar thing and I joined mine with 1.5"sashing strips between and 1.5" corner squares - used creams for strips and scraps for corner squares to reflect variety of 9-patches. Put lots of blocks together and added a 6" cream border around it on which I appliqued a floral vine border then added 2 more rows of the sashed 9-patches. Mandy did similar using purple fabrics and that made it to a club exhibition. Mine given to my son and his partner - her sister washed it and shrunk wool batting dreadfully - I have got it back and plan to unpick and requilt - one day!!
    Therearediffernt books with choices and I also got inspiration via a Quilters Newsletter where others had done a similar group challenge - but please don't ask which one - lol :) Cheers Fleur

  4. Thanks for that Fleur, I went to quilters newsletter site and searched their indexes. I found a nine patch exchange article in no.357 pg 60-65. Has some good ideas.
    Also found no.354 pg 60-61 a quilt(Starry Nine Patch)by New Zealand quilter Cherie A. Flynn.It's really nice.
    And no.351 pg28-29 Woven Ribbons by Sandee Wachal.
    I love my quilters Newsletters I have been getting them since 1996, and find that I refer to them often. Will have to print the indexes. They are very good as they have a subject index, as well as by quilt name.

  5. I just love scrappy quilts and nine patches are spot on for the scrappy look.We are also doing a nine patch swap in our group, we will end up with 144 of them!!Pay a visit to Bonnie at
    she has wonderful scrappy quilts and nine patches also.She has a great part on scrappy pieced backings too.

  6. Thanks Leeanne, Quiltville is one of my fav sites. It has so many great tips. I've cut all my scraps up using her scrap user system. Now I have to get going and use them!:-)

  7. I like the one with the hourglass blocks between, gives the illusion of a star!

  8. Thanks Leeann, I must look into Bonnie's scrap user system...not that I have scraps!!He, he,he

  9. Lots of choices to make these blocks up to a nice quilt..I like the stars best...
    Hugs Dawn x x EQ7

  10. I LOOOOVE 9 patches. Do you have to make 2 quilts? Can you use both colorways in each quilt instead of seperating them? EQ7

  11. They are all great choices. I think the snowball would be my selection. EQ7

  12. not sure if this will post but here goes anyhow. i guess you made up those layouts on EQ7, your new toy, lol. i like the snowball best. mostly because you can do some fantastic quilting designs in the middle of each snowball. tisnt a quilt til its quilted, eh. i'm sure there are gazillions of other possible layouts. maybe more playing with EQ7 is needed. :))

  13. Pretty blocks I like snowball then 4 x 2 blocks. EQ7


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