Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet the Alto

This is the Alto, a new design for a sewing machine, so it looks nice in the living room!
( I kid you not ). It has been shortlisted for this years Dyson Award.
I don't think I want to trade in my Bernina or Janome just yet, but it is interesting!

Watch this to see how it works, it has a few interesting features.


  1. Interesting - the high arch would work well for quilting. It had never occured to me that people might have trouble with coordinating with the footpedal - a bit like driving a manual car, but then these are getting rarer too :-) Will watch with interest what develops from this!

  2. Wow - Interesting video!! I'm not sure how co-ordinated I would be with using my hand to control the speed but it would be fun to 'test-drive' one of these!!

  3. really different, I too never thought anyone had trouble with coordinating the foot pedal. This would be interesting to try....seems weird, but I guess it something new!

  4. This machine does look very interesting - however I wouldn't want the cat to sit on sensitive touch panel that drives the speed of the machine. Wouldn't mind giving it a go though.


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