Friday, November 9, 2012

Fiona’s Birthday Cake

My good friend Fiona recently had a birthday. Her daughter in law Cherie said she would make a cake.

my birthday 003
This is the result! A beautiful Crazy Quilt Cake. Isn’t it amazing? Not only did it look great, it tasted great too. (I was lucky enough to have some, I nearly needed a sleep after it from the sugar rush!) It had several layers inside the cake, with a special rich cream/icing mixture between them. It was to die for, yum.

So WP&Q Club members, when you see Fiona on Saturday, make sure you say a Happy Late Birthday to her!

I haven't made a jigsaw puzzle for a long time on the blog, so decided to make this one. You can't taste the cake, but you can have some fun making it here.


  1. I enjoyed doing the puzzle Leeann. Fiona's cake looked absolutely beautiful, a true work of art. It looks like Fiona isn't the only talented one in the family.

  2. all that cake and not an inch on the hips, so many thanks for the puzzle


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