Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Like it’s 1999

I spent a big part of yesterday morning ironing these UFO blocks from 1999.
Each pile here has 10 blocks in it so I have 40, 10 inch blocks, more than enough for a quilt.

I think I kind of got carried away when I was making them in 1999. I was having so much fun hand piecing them, YES I Said HAND PIECING them!

Then they were put away. I have no idea why, it's too long ago. Anyway I did get them out a year ago (I think) and had to hand wash them all, as some of them had stains on them. I think the stains may have been from me pricking my finger as I sewed them. The stains came out, but for some other reason I packed them away again without pressing them.

40 Whirlygig/Pinwheel  Blocks 

I really did enjoy pressing all these blocks. It was like visiting old friends, as I remember all the cute fabrics that I used. I hope to get this together as a top soon, then I wonder how long it will wait before I quilt it? Hopefully it will be less than another 13 years!

I used some 1930's fabrics that I had fallen in love with, and then added other fabrics that I liked too. All the blocks have red centres.


Look at those Bunnies & Kittens, oh Scotty dogs too. They're just too cute.


I love the Trolley, and Paisley print


More Scotty dogs, a flower picking Fairy, and don't forget Teddies

After finding that Ironing Art video yesterday I had a look to see if there was any more fun ironing videos on Youtube. So here's Extreme Ironing.


  1. Nice blocks!!! does it matter how long it takes to get the old UFO's up & running......not really, surely they were just resting!
    Because you have ironing on the brain, best I pop off to have a look!

  2. I love your blocks - fun to look at all the prints.Now the big question - are you going to continue hand piecing to join the blocks, and will it be hand quilted??!!


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