Monday, October 17, 2011

It’s School Holidays, so take over the Lounge!

Last week I moved my Sewezi Table up to the Lounge. I got heaps of piecing done, just watching TV. I thought my hubby wouldn’t like it, but he thought it was a great idea, I quote “….if it’s going to help get some of that fabric used.”
Anyway yesterday I decided to set up my folding trestle table in the lounge to so I could tack out the latest quilt. It’s a large queen size quilt so it took a while. I started at about 3.30pm and finished just as the All Blacks V Wallabies kicked off at  9.00pm. I did have breaks, and dinner though!
This is tacking out using the method that Lynne and I demo’d at the September meeting. You can see that my quilt was too big for the table but I just got up and pulled the quilt & boards along the table when I needed to tack that edge. This worked out to be a good thing as it made me get up and move every now and then.
About half way done (that’s Wales V France replaying on the News). I think this is a great method as you can do it by yourself and you don’t have to crawl around the floor. I was all finished to give my full attention to the rugby ( I’m not usually a fan, but have been really enjoying the Rugby World Cup). The match was great NZ 20 points to Australia's 6, looking forward to next Sunday now.


  1. Hi Leeann
    That looks very much like a New Zealand Postcard quilt. am I right?

  2. You are lucky that your hubby thought it is a good idea. My sewing space is at the end of the lounge and mine doesn't like me using the machine in the evening. I also watched the rugby last night and I don't know much about the game. Go the All Blacks!!

  3. Yes Jenny it is shhhh it's a gift if I ever finish it.

    ms lottie, yeah go the AB's!!

    Kcrockshi, his 'using up fabric' comment was heavy in sarcasm, but he is in his study (man cave) so I can do as I like! :-)


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