Friday, October 28, 2011

The Last week has been a blur…

....days have just run into each other, but I thought I would post a few photos from my trip.
Warning this is more a family/trip post not much Quilty stuff going on.
If you look at my photos you may think I've been overseas to India & Italy or maybe even China. 
But no I've been to Hamilton, New Zealand. (much cheaper option!)

We had some time to spare so decided to go to the Hamilton Gardens as this may be our last visit to Hamilton for a while (more on that later).
 This is a close up of the floral carpet in the Indian garden. 

Indian Char Bagh Garden

The 'Char Bagh' garden was beautiful. The flowers are planted close together so it makes a living 'persian carpet' and the colours were so vibrant, specially when they are contrasted with the pale walls and tiled floors.

Through the Pavilion's archways you look out on to the Waikato river. And when you look up there is this beautiful ceiling (picture below). With these designs I was 'putting my quilters eyes on' and seeing quilt borders in the freeze, interlocking designs and of course colour!
Pavillion's celling & freeze.


Italian Renaissance Garden

We all decided that the Italian garden was our favourite. It was very tranquil with the formal structure and the sound of the water. Everything just looked perfect.
Hubby lying down to photograph trellis roof. Silly I managed to get a good shot standing up! 
My photo of the trellis roof (taken standing up!) 
 There was a Juliet balcony too 
My turn to do something silly.

Path in the Chinese garden.
I really liked this path, but I think it looks too complicated to use as a quilt design!

Youngest Son's turn to do something silly (giant bamboo in China garden)

Mark - Birthday boy
This is the reason we were in Hamilton. We were celebrating our eldest Son's 21st Birthday. The Party went well, and Mark was pleased that several of his High School friends came down from Whangarei too.
This will be our last trip to Hamilton for a while as Mark is moving to Sydney in December to start working as a software engineer for Google.

All Blacks after winning the Rugby World Cup.
Of course there was another major event last weekend, the Rugby World Cup. 
We watched the final with Mark and his flatmates. It wasn't the exciting game I had hoped for, but it was nail biting! 

This was probably my favourite bit of the Rugby World Cup, Sony Bill changing his ripped shirt. 
The shirts are so tight that help is needed to take them off, and put them on! 
I think this 'event' got the largest cheer from all the ladies in the crowd too!

Excited Children!
Back at work (primary school) we had some exciting news. The School has won a competition for 'Backing Black' and will be receiving $5000 of sports equipment! 
The best part is it will be delivered to the school by some of the All Black team. 

All Blacks doing the Haka
So I'm sure there will be a lot of Haka practise at school next week. The kids will want to be ready for the All Blacks.


  1. My week disappeared too, but not quite like yours! What great photos but I must vote for the Indian flower garden as the very best - how could I not? it's just like an amazing scrap quilt!

  2. Sonny Bill is my favourite All Black too!

  3. I used to live in Hamilton and I'm sure it was never as nice as that! I will have to go visit.Who needs to go overseas when we a have a beautiful country just waiting for us to explore!

  4. Great post - that floral carpet is amazing! Exquisite

  5. The garden photos are fabulous. With such a variety of seperate ares in the Hamilton gardens there is always some part that is bright and beautiful. I haven't seen the Indian garden looking so good. it's just delightful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous gardens! The All Blacks aren't bad either! LOL


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