Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hand Basting

Hi everyone there is Sharon Schamber's video of Hand Basting a quilt using wooden boards. (Sharon has many videos on youtube, if you click on her name above if you want to go to her other videos too.)

This is the method Lynne and I demo'ed yesterday at Quilt Club. NB I have done this a few times now and haven't starched the backing fabric like Sharon recommends, but it has still worked out fine. Also I have used ordinary thread too. What you use is up to you. I do think the key is the zig zag stitching so make sure you do that! 

Lynne and I also used spoons to help us bring the needle up through the fabric and save our fingers. A lot of members had not seen this before, and really liked it. It is an old trick I learnt years ago, I can't even remember where I learnt this! Obviously don't use your best spoons for this as they will get scratched, but it does make it easier on your fingers.

If you are doing this on a table you don't want scratched by your needle, put a piece of card board, or your cutting mat (upside down) underneath the backing fabric to protect your table.

This a great method as you can do this by yourself, with no crawling around the floor and getting sore knees and back. So go and look in the garage or shed and steel your husbands wooden boards or visit Mitre 10 or Bunnings and buy your own.

 TIP if you are buying your own boards look down them from the end to make sure they aren't 'curved', you want nice flat straight boards


  1. Interesting way to baste a quilt.Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love her technique...Very informative!

  3. Hi Leeann. I was lucky enough to see Sharon demo this in person at a course in Tauranga she ran. Then she had us do it for ourselves! She noted 2 key things for us - 1. never 'open' more than your personal wrist to elbow length at a time. 2. the zigzag of the stitch.
    It's great to read your blog :-)


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