Monday, October 3, 2011

Do you have Favourite Colours?

I have always thought that I didn’t a favourite colour. But recently I discovered this little thing about myself! It all started a few months ago when I bought this scarf.
I really liked the two colours together and thought it would be a ‘useful item’ to add a bit of colour to my mostly boring wardrobe.
Anyway I started enjoying wearing this scarf so I thought I would buy some more, so next time I saw some scarves these come home.
Then I thought it would be fun to knit some of that cool mesh yarn you can get now, so I knitted these.
Then I saw some nice scarves another day and bought them too.

Do you notice a theme? Well I didn’t until one Saturday I decided I would hand wash all my scarves. As they were hanging on the washing line to dry, I realised they were all either teal green or purple!
So now I’m re-thinking that idea that I don’t have favourites, ‘cause obliviously I do!
Anyway last week I decided I wanted to buy another couple of scarves, but was determined not to get the same colours this time. So….
I bought these. The top one is really a  pink / burgundy colour not the pink / purple it looks here in the photo, and the bottom one is olive green. I know, still not to far from the original scarf! Oh well maybe next time I will have to buy a yellow scarf!

So do you have favourite colours that you don’t know about too?

PS: I’m making a quilt, but is a secret because it’s a gift. But as soon as I can I will share. And for WP&Q members remember it’s our AGM this Saturday.

PPS: Oh one important scarf wearing tip I have learnt this year:
 Shake your lunch crumbs out of your scarf!


  1. Love the colors in your scarves! I recently began wearing scarves when I inherited one (pink) from my mother's things - and now can't get enough of them either. I just knit one in a multicolor (blue, green, lavender, yellow striping yarn) but it is my first knitting in 35 years, so it went slow.

  2. those colours are very yummy together. I think I'd have to take home those scarves if I saw them too. I thought my favourite colour was blue but when I look at my stash, my pink pile is pretty huge too - maybe that's my 'secret' fav colour.

  3. and hence I love your scarves!

  4. LOL Leeanne. I know exactly what you mean - I have sooo many blues and greens in my wardrobe that I've recently ventured into adding some burgandy. And guess what - I still buy blues and greens!

  5. Yumo! I'm like that too, I think I like all colours, but just like you there seems to be a theme! Our fabric tells a story too.

  6. My boys are still very much into people's favourite colours, according to them mine is purple, but when I went through my scraps and sorted them into colours I had most of blues :) I think I just like 'bright'!!


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