Monday, February 7, 2011

My First Bullions!

Wish it was billions, hey I'd settle for millions (dollars that is!) but I'm talking about Bullions as in the embroidery stitch. 

I'm really pleased with these little roses I made using Bullion Stitch. I had a bit of a mental block about stitching Bullions, as I had been told how hard they were to make. Well that's wrong they were easy and fun.

This little crazy block is going to be a brooch when I'm done with it. Club members may remember me making some of these at the demo table at our last Exhibition. 

Here's a few photo's from the last batch (all sold) in case you didn't get to see them. Click on them for a closer look.

022-qpr 021-qpr

029-qpr 032-qpr

I have also been making a few Samplers of embroidery stitches, showing different ways you can use the same stitch and how different it makes them look. 


This one is for Chain Stitch.


And this one is Herringbone Stitch.

It's fun thinking what to do next to make the same stitch look different. These are only a few ideas the possibilities are endless I'm sure. 

The Samplers will be a good reference when I'm doing crazy stitching and need ideas. I have plans for more stitches and Samplers of combined stitches too. 

I'm enjoying a lovely peaceful house, only me home (and Oscar the Cat) as the teenager is finally back at school! Hope you are enjoying some peace and quiet too.


  1. Gorgeous embroidery Leeann, I have always admired Bullion Roses but never attempted one. PS -I love my little brooch - made by you- which Kerryn gave our Round Robin group.

  2. Your little brooches are gorgeous.

  3. beautiful stitches!! I was lucky like Raewyn and got one of your beautiful brooches, I hung mine on the Christmas tree as mine was reds and golds I have kept it in the xmas decoration box, so every xmas it will come out and I will think of you!


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