Friday, February 18, 2011

My Birthday Present!


Before I show you my Birthday present, have a look at this fabric. It's a fabric range designed by Michelle Marvig, and it's at the Fabric Barn. They are having a sale starting tomorrow, so I might have to pop back in and buy some! They have a lot of 100% cotton fabric in with the dressmaking fabrics too, like this Polynesian design below. So if you go, check them out. There are some that are 150cm wide so they would be good for backing. OK scroll down past the fabric to see my Present....


Here it is! Now I have to learn how to drive it! Hopefully it won't take too long. My husband picked it up for me today, but I've only had a little play as I had to take Youngest Son out driving. (I'm teaching him and we are still having a lot of bunny hops!) 


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!! Have fun learning to drive, it looks fabulous. (And good luck with the son driving lessons, I was the fourth daughter in a row my poor Dad had to teach, I still have sympathetic thoughts for him about that!)

  2. Happy Birthday! I am sure you will love it I have one like that! It is wonderful and it works really hard for me!!
    Happy quilting Liz

  3. happy a new what is everyone having for dinner in your house??? baked beans.....

  4. Happy Birthday. What a great present. I have one of those and love it. Had it a year now.

  5. Oh Happy Birthday! I am a Feb birthday - too! (the 18th!) - and just told my hubby about your great gift!!! :-) He did not take the bait - but I got to go shop hopping, so that was good. Enjoy!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Leeann - hope it was awesome!
    I have two Janome's and love them and I am sure you will love yours too.
    Happy stitching.

    PS Good luck with the driving lessons!


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