Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I had a few minutes to spare today before I picked up the teenager, so I popped into Bernina. I had a nice chat with Cushla & snapped that up this little box of 28 fat quarters reduced to $30. And before you ask, no I haven't worked out what I'm going to make with them yet!
They have a few specials at the moment, so go and check them out.

The shop is looking really good since all the changes they made last year. It has really opened up the space.
Here's some 'eye candy', doesn't fabric look lovely when it all tidy (note to self tidy my stash!)
And Bernina has a great range of wool now too. Aren't the baby jackets cute?
Remember Club Meeting is this Saturday, see you there.


  1. Wow, what a bargain Leeanne. They are beautiful. do they have a website. I'd love a bargain like that.

  2. You certanly got a great bargain with that purchase! Imagine if you had hummed and haahed, gone home withoiut it, changed your mind, and someone else had bought it. That's the sort of thing I would do.


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