Monday, January 3, 2011

The Weather’s been so nice…

... that I don't feel like sewing at all! Shocking I know but it's the way it is. Yesterday we went to the beach again. Now when you say that to anyone in Whangarei, the next question is which one? This is one of the best things about living here, there are so many beaches (I can think of 20 that I like) within a short drive.

So we went to Matapouri, but stopped off at Ngunguru too. Here's some photo's so if you have never been to Northland you will get the idea of the beautiful beaches we have here. And if you are freezing in all that snow on the other side of the world, I hope this warms you up a bit!

This is the Ngunguru Estuary, the tide was out so there was a beach to play on, usually the tides in when we go past. 


Here’s My youngest Son with his Girlfriend, paddling in the Ngunguru Estuary


This is beautiful Matapouri. I have never seen it so busy as it was yesterday, this is crowded by Northland standards. Matapouri is a little horse shoe shaped bay. So the photo above is taken looking left at the top of the boardwalk.


And this photo is looking straight ahead, you can see the ‘heads’ of the bay on both sides of the photo. If you look very hard on the horizon there are some hazy islands (easier to see if you click on the photo to make it bigger). They are the ‘Poor Knights’ which are one of the best places in the world for suba diving. If you are into diving there are a lot of videos on YouTube about the Poor Knights here's a link to a good one if you are interested. 


And here’s looking right. 


There were lots of people having fun, including these guys above. Hope you are all enjoying your holidays 'cause I am.  :-)


  1. Hi from another Whangareian. *waves* We went to Waipu Cove on christmas Day...along with many others LOL! it was packed with families, too. I love our beaches...they are beautiful.

    Have a great day :-)

  2. I really enjoyed seeing your beach photos. I am NOT a cold-weather person and our area has had two pretty cold winters now and more snow than I like to see, also. Enjoy your warm weather!

  3. Oh thank you for the NZ beach fix - rather a contrast to the beach photo on my blog yesterday!! Love your beaches.

  4. Awesome photos Leeann. It is really hard to be stitching when the sun is shining so brightly. We went out to Ruakaka on Sunday and literally walked right into my cousin and her family up from Auckland, which was very surprising due to the amount of people there lol!


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