Monday, January 17, 2011

I’m back from holiday…

Here’s a photo from the trip back home yesterday, my Son took it from the back seat. 

Most New Zealanders will know where this is. We were driving through the Desert Road, and that’s Mount Ruapehu, an active volcano in the centre of the North Island. The last eruption was in 2007, and it's also home of popular ski fields in winter. 


We found a safe place to pull over and took some better photos. I visited a few Quilt Shops and bought fabric too, but that can wait for another post. Bye for now 


  1. How beautiful! My husband and I visited NZ a few years ago and we loved it.

  2. I didn't know my son had taken the photo so was a funny surprise when I found it. Amazing it came out as well, there was a lot of dead bugs on the windscreen :-)

  3. I was ever so lucky to be born and live 13 years of my life so close to those mountains and I still feel like it is home to me...thank you Leeann!!

    P.S I remember that eruption, my daughter had to wear a mask to school.

    Look forward to seeing your goodies.

  4. We also travelled up and down the Desert Road on our way to Mt Maunganui and back over Christmas. The mountains always look wonderful, don't they?


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