Monday, January 31, 2011

Cleaning up after Cyclones

Cyclone Wilma made a bit of a mess around Northland. There have been road closures and some homes flooded, but thankfully no lives have been lost. We have had 2 days of sun and a little wind since the rain so everything is slowly drying out.

This is what Whangarei Falls usually looks like but after all the rain ……


It’s a bit angry and muddy looking. And the picnic spot at the bottom is flooded.


There was so much rain that normally quiet streams overflowed their banks.  The debris on the mesh fence shows you how high this stream rose.


Here's the stream from the other side. The petrol station across the road is still closed (3 days after the rain) as it was flooded. Spotlight (fabric store) is behind the petrol station but luckily the water didn't get that far.


So yesterday my Husband helped with some cleaning up in Moerewa (small town north of Whangarei)


That looks better, I can see the lawn now! While I cleaned up at home. There was no Cyclone Wilma damage at home but….


Cyclone Leeann had made a mess in the sewing room. Look at Oscar, I'm sure he's saying he didn't do it!


As you can see Oscar was a big help in cleaning up my sewing desk! He stayed there until I got the vacuum cleaner out, then he ran for his life. I'm sure he thinks it will suck him up!


The sewing desk is not totally cleared but it's much better. I might be able to do some sewing now and make a new mess! Winking smile Hope everyone out there is OK and if you have any flooding it dries up fast. 

PS: check out this Stitching Farm Girls blog Love to Stitch (on the side bar or use this link) to see the flooding on her farm.


  1. Isn't it lovely to have an (almost) clean sewing surface! :-)

  2. I'm glad you were okay Leeann and the cyclone only affected your sewing room hehe. I think it's been to mine too but we didn't get the rain.

    Thanks for the photos. It must have been frightening for everyone affected after the Brisbane floods.

  3. Wow...thanks a huge lot of water tumbling over the falls! I was so happy to wake up to sunshine that was almost as if I'd dreamed the cyclone...except for all the tell-tale bark chips littering my path like a tide mark. :-)

    You cat looks as enthusiastic as mine...congrats on getting your craft room tiday. Wanna come do mine? LOL!

  4. I was in Whangarei in November and took a photo of the falls and all it was then was a soft flow coming over the top. Could not believe the devestation the cyclone has caused up their for you all.
    Hoping that you will see no more of this strange weather.
    Your sewing room looks like mine also.
    Happy sewing

  5. Oh dear you and Oscar are messy pups!Glad you both cleaned up the mess.Time for some sewing now?

  6. Hi Leeann,

    searching for information about the sewezi table I found your blog. I just think about starting quilting, but... where to buy time ;-).
    To me it seems you're living in one of the most beautiful places in the world *sigh*.

    Greetings from 6 degres cold Germany



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