Thursday, January 6, 2011

Charity Block for the February Meeting

OK, I don't feel like sewing in this lovely weather but some of you do, and have asked for info on making the Charity Block.

It's a Disappearing Four Patch, you start with four 5 inch squares, 1 red, 1 blue and 2 cream. Sew them together into a four patch as above.


Then sub cut it one and a half inches (1& 1/2) away from the centre seams.

It is easiest to cut once vertically, then once horizontally. Then carefully turn the cutting board around (without moving the fabric) to make the last two cuts. NB: I have moved the units apart so you can see where I have cut, but you won't move the fabric till all the cuts are made.


Then you swap the rectangle units around and sew your block together.


Ta Da! This is how it looks finished, make as many as you like and bring to the February Meeting.


  1. I love it and thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Leeann
    I really appreciate you putting these instructions up on your blog. It is really good reference for everyone.

  3. Pretty trick. I love it and will have to give it a try if I can remember when I get around to doing it.

  4. Brilliant! I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing...


  5. Cool block! Is it okay if I use it for a Block of the Month for the Empire Quilters in New York City? You can check it out at
    I like a block that looks complicated, but is really easy and fun to make.

  6. Thank you for sharing this, Leann. It's such a nice block for mission quilts.

    I've been to your beautiful country, but only the south island. It looks like the north island is just as gorgeous. Thank you for sharing such pretty pictures. It's refreshing to see your nice weather when we're looking at snow, ice, and overcast - gloomy - skies.

  7. I love this block, thank you for your beautiful tutorial. I have several 4 patches I will be cutting up tonight!

    I learned about you from Karen Griska's Selvage blog (Selvage Quilter, above)

  8. lovely block! I've been stuck on the D9P, maybe I'll switch to the


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